I got my Summit... but i can't ride it yet.

After a month or so of waiting (Long story, but not unicycle.com’s fault) I finally got my summit 20 Trials. But alas I have a few problems.

First the seat post is too high. I went to my LBS to have it cut, but they wanted to charge $8 for the service. They also informed me that I could do it myself with a pipe cutter (which is what they use). Tomorrow I’m off to Sears to get me a pipe cutter. I know it’s going to cost me more then eight bucks, but I figured I might need it in the future.

The second problem I have is that something seems to be loose. When I pedal, I feel a sight movement on both pedals/cranks. While at the shop I asked them to look at it. One of the guys there rides and took it for a short spin to see if he could feel it. He did. We then proceeded to tighten everything up. When it was all-tight, I gave it another go. The problem was still there, although slightly lessened.

The guy at the shop said that it might be that a bearing s pitted. I think it be caused be a defective pedal. So tomorrow I’m going to try switching the pedals, if that doesn’t work, I’ll try disassembling the cycle and checking to see is the bearing spin right.

Now that I have the cycle, I want to mod it. Nothing major, I just want a handle. I have an extra seat and post from my busted stealth Torker. I was wondering if I could use them intact for the summit. The stealth Torker’s diameter is 25.4, the diameter on the Summit is 27.2. Is there an available shim I could use?

Thanks for taking the time to read this. If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them. If you have any questions about the cycle I’d be happy to answer them.


Re: I got my Summit… but i can’t ride it yet.

You could try a couple of layers of coke/beer can as a shim.

I’m not sure how well a coke can shim this fat will do though. Maybe a baked bean can shim would be thicker.


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too bad marmite comes in a glass jar…


Re: Shims

Check your local bike shop. Any one of decent size will have all sorts of seat post adapter shims.

Unicycle.com sells seat post shims - cut nicely so they just set in the post tube in your frame.
Double check your sizing, I’m not sure if these will help.

Before you swap your pedals, remember there is a difference between left and right pedals. You wouldn’t want to just rotate the pedals, it would be much better if you take pedals from a different unicycle and put them on the summit for the test.

You could always try going back to where you bought it, since it seems like the product isn’t working right out of the box.

Hi Dan,

If anything is defective unicycle.com will go the extra mile for you. My KH24 had some shipping damage and unicycle.com sent me the replacement parts as soon as I called them. They’re a great company to deal with.


Re: I got my Summit… but i can’t ride it yet.

Dan’s Competition BMX <http://www.danscomp.com/&gt; has 1 inch to 27.2 mm shims. Look under “seat posts” in their online catalog. Your local bike shop should also be able to get a seat post shim in that size from one of their catalogs.

Re: I got my Summit… but i can’t ride it yet.

You’ll find a better prices for pipe cutters at a store like Home Depot than at Sears. You don’t need “Craftsman” quality in a pipe cutter you are only going to use a few times.

You’ll also need a file to smooth off the cut edges after you cut the seat post. Sand paper can also do a good job of taking the sharp edge off. When you cut a seat post with a pipe cutter it actually causes a slight bulge right at the cut. It doesn’t actually cut the metal like a saw, it just pushes it to the side and that’s what causes the bulge and the sharp edge. You need to file or sand down that bulge and sharp edge.

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Then would it be better for me to saw it?


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Hi Daniel,

I used a hacksaw on the seatpost of my KH24. It worked fine but still required a little filing to take the sharp edge off.


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A hacksaw works well. You’ll need to find some sort of saw guide so you make a straight cut. If you just try to eyeball the cut it’s not going to be straight. Maybe a straight strap of leather wraped around the seatpost would work as a good guide. There are also specialized saw guides for just this purpose (cutting round pipe with a hacksaw), but I don’t know what they look like or what they’re called.

The pipe cutter is nice because it makes a straight cut.

Thanks for all the tips guys! I ended up taking it to another bike shop, who tightened everything down again. This fixed the loose crank. They also cut the post for me.

They did all this free of charge! McCully Bike ROCKS!!!

One more question: I was told that it’s a good idea to retention the spokes on machine built. Is this good advice? Should I do it now, or use it for a bit then have it done?


its always is a good idea to have a look at a wheel that is made in a machine,most bike shops will charge for that though so expect to spend money on that deal.

i always feel the spokes to make sure they are of equal tension,then after a couple of days i go though the motions tightening things up a bit.as long as all the spokes a pinging,i’d say ride it for a week then have it looked at by a wheelsmith.

by the way did you miss this thread? it was posted earlier today and i instantly thought of you.