I got my stuff!

Well, I FINALLY got my stuff last night… KH24, Coker, 28in Sun & accesseries. Scott & I threw together my KH and broke it in… I’ve had better riding days, but it should be nice. After I got home, I put my Coker together to give it a quick 5 min spin… and that is quite a bit different!

Well, if anyone wants to go for a spin, let me know!


Hey Matt, how 'bout a Mission Trail ride on the Sun’s tomorrow (Saturday) evening around 6 ??? Give me a call during the day, I should be home most of the day.

BTW, congradulations on your purchase, now you’ve got more uni’s than me :angry: :angry:

I’d like to try out that Coker and KH 24:D :wink:

Congrats on all your new toys Matt. It looks like we both hit the jackpot today.

I love my first and only Muni. --chirokid–

Yeah, we can probably do something sometime around then… I’ll try to give you a call sometime, but if I forget or take a little too long, gimme a call to remind me. Now, as far as having more unicycles, I’m trying to play some catch up here! I think for all those years of riding on that little 20, I deserve these :slight_smile: You’re more than welcome to try my wheels out… I don’t think I’ll be able to fit them all in my little car though…


Yeah, I didn’t read your posting until now… but congrats :slight_smile: When I got my order, I was too eager to play with my toys than read… hehe. I hope you’re having as much fun with your new toys as I am… the coker is screwing up my balance though :slight_smile:

Be sure to come out to Austin, home of 8 coker riders that I can think of. I’m sure we could get at least 3 of us together for a ride with you.


Kenny and I rode Mission Trails yesterday (Saturday) night and put in about 12 miles. I took my Coker and was very happy with it. There are several inclines/declines, but there isn’t one of them that the Coker couldn’t handle. It is very fast too… yet, it doesn’t seem that bad from way up there :slight_smile:

Wow, that’s a lot of cokers! How far do you guys usually ride? Sounds like fun–let me know when you want to give it a try!

Also, are we still going to have that Austin vs. San Antonio hockey game?