I got my new Nimbus!!!

Yay!!! It looks (and rides) great, but the only gripe is they sent the wrong tire! Everything else is great, though! Instead of the hookworm, they sent the one in the attachment. The new one looks kinda like the type they put on Miyatas. Also, you have to unscrew the little clamp thing every time you adjust the seat which kinda sucks but it’s no big deal. It was kinda funny, when my dad was cutting the seatpost, first he used a hacksaw he bought in like 1970, so it basically fell apart, and after the blade broke, he still used the little bit connected at the end. It was like 9:00 pm, and I was desperate to ride this thing, so I just had to have him cut it and not have to go all the way to the hardware store the next day. Ok, here’s some pics:

and this:

and one more:

Looks great! That whitre tire sure is a big contrast to the rest of it. Have you talked to unicycle.com about the tire mishap, and does anyone know if they will respond to e-mail on the weekends?


No, I think the tire’s ok. I’m not gunna bug 'em about it. Do you think the tire looks bad or just a contrast?

Oh no absolutely not I think the tire looks great! But I still think you should talk to unicycle.com and tell them you got the wrong tire. (you might be able to get a free tire out of it:D hehe…)


Re: I got my new Nimbus!!!

The little inconvenience of having to adjust 2 allen screws to reposition the seat is a small price to pay with how well that clamp holds the seat straight when your uni bounces off of the pavement. Works much better than the quick release that you’re probably used to.

Nice looking uni. The contrast of the tire is handsome. Good luck with it.

Thanks a billion! Is it pro quality? Like something freestylers at the UNICON would use?

It looks like you got the Primo “the wall” tire that a lot of the really good freestylers use. I wouldn’t complain about it.

it doesnt matter what anything looks like its your riding abillity and style that counts:D

That isn’t the standard tyre on the nimbus now is it, by any chance? I know someone over here who bought a nimbus 2 recently and his came with that white tyre. It looks quite cool, and for a freestyle uni a non-marking tyre seems like a good idea.


You also didn’t get the nimbus X crankarms like in the picture, but technically it’s ok, because the ad says: “125-mm alloy crank arms” and nothing about the type.

Nice colors though, looks like a fun uni to ride.

What kind of pedals is that ?

Hey man, I really like it, looks smart! I might order one for my Nimbus! Congradulations on having a good unicycle.

Freestyle unis are hard to ride, I’m so used to pins!

Here’s my new NIMBUS


and one of the ‘Family’


and one of the ‘Family’

IMG attached (this time)

You have a pretty good freestyle unicycle that is probably great for you. As far as it being “pro quality,” it depends on how you define it. Your unicycle has many of the same features of what people at a unicon freestyle competition use. The biggest thing to look for in a freestyle uni is the flat crown. This allows you to more easily do all the tricks that have your foot on the frame.

Your primo tire is a pretty good freestyle tire. It’s what I currently have on mine and lot of people like that tire. It’s slightly fatter than a normal tire. In TCUC, a white tire is required in our shows and therefore the hookworm tire doesn’t work for us. I’d love to find a white tire that has more deeper grooves in it though.