i got my new nimbus!!

hello all!

i just got my new nimbus 2 from unicycle.com and after assembling it sorting out the wheel and sawing down the seat post i took it out for a spin

WOW its amazing! it feels so different after months of only having a muni

i went back on the muni after my first ride and it was so sluggish and heavy it was a joke!!! will i get used to switching between them more?

bungle! (overjoyed!)

Hopefully my Nimbus municycle will come soon.

A lot of Nimbus MUnis flying eyerywhere! I just ordered a Nimbus 26 inch today! I ordered it through my local bike shop here in New York–they said I should be able to pick it up in a week.
I have not been this psyched since I saw the Sex Pistols in 1995. Maybe that’s because there is something very punk rock about the Nimbus 26 inch–actually, MUnis in general are pretty punk rock when you think about it…
Can’t wait. I hope I don’t break my neck on it…