i got my NEW HUB AND CRANKS!!!! but...

hey i just got my new hub and cranks… i love bedford unicycles… i sent my uni in the mail to get the hub and cranks put on monday night have i already have it it look like 4 days!!! it looks fine and feels fine… EVERYTHING sounds perfect but i was just wondering if this is normal cuz i have never had or seen a splined hub and crank befor… is this gap between my frame and the circle thing normal???

The picture is too fuzzy to tell, but I would say yes.

ya my cranks have that and there fine

My KH hub in a nimbus frame is like that. I presume the spacers can be arranged so the ring is flush with the frame if you have the proper frame to match the hub, but otherwise you just have to arrange them to fit.

As long as the bolts in the ends of the axle are done up tight against the cranks and nothing seems loose you should be good to go.


I Love It!!!

Both on my nimbus and bedford frames it’s like that… I vote yes :smiley: And I haven’t had any problems yet either :slight_smile:

im gonna assume that they r the 05 kh/onza cranks, i have these on my kh trials (obviously) but they r flush, they dont stick out like that, but ur frame and bearing housing is different to the kh, so im guessing that, that is how it will fit into other frames!

but yea they shall be fine i reckon!

p.s. a tip with taking close up photos, dont go closer than about 1metre to the subject
or the photo will be out of focus unless u have a special lense!

just zoom in for close shots and try to focus on the cranks not the ground :wink:

Those cranx look nice, if u don wann em, ill hav em!

did u even read the part at the top, where he sed " my NEW hub and cranks " ?

the circle thing is a bearing shield.
If you are going grinding you should change it to a thicker one.
The stardard bearing shield will bend…

I’ve got the same hub and cranks. No problems with it. :roll_eyes:

how much did the new hub and cranks cost ya?