I got my MUni today!!!!!!!

After learning to ride on a 20" Torker and then my 24" P.O.S unicycle for seven weeks, I bought my first MUni!!! It’s an off-the-shelf 24" Yuni with Alex rim and 3.0 Gazz!
Man, what a difference!!!
I took it out on my usual ride around a 1 mile loop (part asphalt, part crushed granite) and after adjusting the tire pressure, I put in my most successful ride yet! The first mile took a litttle getting used to the way the Gazz handled with high pressure and getting used to the 26" frame. Then after I lowered the tire pressure to 18 psi, things really took off. I did the 2nd mile with only 3 dismounts (2 of which were UPD’s), I’m looking forward to getting to the real trails this weekend (are you listening, S-Wallis?)
Here’s a pic of my new mount!


Great! Congrats on your new arrival… what are you gonna name it? You must be a proud new mom!

I forget-- does that Yuni Muni have the profile hub or not? Even if not, still awesome. Congratulations! (funny thing is, I learned on a piecer 20", rode a semi-junky 24", and then finally got a nice Muni just like you)


Congratulations! It looks great. Please keep us up to sdate with all your muni experiences. I’ve decided to leep a tally of the muni rides I go on. I’ve now gone on 5 proper muni rides (2-4hrs). I just though I’d suggest you do the same while you’re just starting muni like me. I think it’ll be really interesting once I’ve been muni-ing for a year or so the see how many rides I’ve been on.


This one does not have the profile hub. It has a Suzue 36-hole high-flange hub laced up to the Alex DX-32 black anodized rim with black Marwi 14g spokes

Looks totally phat! Congrats Kenny, man it is better than Xmas when you get a new uni, eh?!


Think I may have to wait 'til it matures a bit so that I can determine the gender before I name it

It’s a birthday present to myself (one month early)

I’ll probably start keeping a log to see how I’m progressing

Awesome! Glad to see one more person being sucked in.

Re: I got my MUni today!!!

I just picked up on this thread, Kenny. Glad you got your muni, you will love it. I don’t know when if I am going to ride this weekend (big project I have to finish), but I will see you at Flat Rock next weekend!