i got my MUNI MILITIA t-shirt today

i got my shirt today.the envelope was trashed and the shirt was spilling out the sizes but i got here.i hope C-nuts accualy licked the the glue flap on the ones going out of this Country.my glue flap had no sign of ever being licked and sticked.whats a matter Chex?dont you like the taste of horse hoves?

the ink job is pretty getto like you said,i dont know how many washings it will take before the words are gone.

i like how the “one wheel death squad” is barely readable unless someone stares at it for awile,i can where this to work.

thanx Chex.

Re: i got my MUNI MILITIA t-shirt today

Did you mop up the M’s and XL’s off you floor?

damn, I was hoping that thoes things would hold up more in the mail… I so licked the thing on each and every package too, well I used a damp papercloth, but the seemed like they were starting to come off a bit by the time I got it to the post office… I asked them to tape them, but I didnt see the guy to and apperently he didnt. Hopefully the all will make it.

I’m glad you like the shirt did you get a patch with it or was that lost in the mail…

I hope nothing happens to everyones shirts on the way there. Thoes were the only envelpoes that I could find at the shipping depot store so I had to go with them.

About the wash, they should hold up ok just make sure to wash them inside out. Thats what I’ve been told to do with it and The ink passed my scub the shits and see if the ink comes off test. So I think they should last for at least a year of washings…