i got my awesome new aught six torker! WHOO!

well, i put it together today after i got up at eleven and got my lazy butt down to the post office. Luckily there was a nice lady there who gave me my package even though the desk was closed today. Thrilled, i went back home and proceeded to open the package and assemble the unicycle. i pumped up the Maxxis Creepy Crawler tire a bit to around 42psi (it bottomed out on me at 35…) and started to ride it around. then, i wheewalked it. as seen in this awesome picture (i never thought i was so photogenic… this is a REALLY good picture)

it seems that everyone who gets a new unicycle almost immediately after assembling it wheel walks on it. so i did. i then took the rest of my day to work on other various things, like hopping, unispins(still can’t do 'em) and one-foot wheel walking, gliding and coasting. I made my record on it of coasting to 5 feet from 1 foot wheelwalk, and gliding record is now ~six feet.

well, after all this, i decided to evaluate it compared to my other unicycles. it isn’t nearly as light as mynow-freestyle uni, but it’s lighter than my Qu-Ax 24" Muni. The seat is comfy, and the creepy crawler tire added (even if it is only psychological) about 2 inches to my hops. The tire is also extremely grippy compared to anything else i own, due to the soft rubber, and took some getting used to. i checked all the bolts and nuts, and tightened the seatpost bolts a bit, they were a bit loose. Then i checked the nut-cap things for sharp edges and/or breaking off. There was none. Overall, this was totally worth the money i spent, and i think i even scored a little bit of a steal. I bought it off of ebay, item was in original packaging, untampered, and i got a free stand. (which i can’t figure out how to use for the life of me) Totally a bomber uni, and worth every penny i spent. Looks nice too.

oooo… that’s :wink: a nice uni, i think i should get one and have it be my trials uni! The price right now couldn’t be better either.

Ok put the big square on the floor and the thin long thing go inside the umm… square narrow slot on the big square on the floor the the unicycle leand ont the long narror thing with the peddal on top of the thing. God I hope that helps at all.

iF YOU STILL CANT FIGURE OUT THE STAND, i’LL post a pic. Its just hard too explain. Sorry for the capslock. :slight_smile:

I ride that same tire at 26 PSI, and I’ve done a 5 foot drop to flat, and din’t have a problem with it. I guess its just personal prefrence…

i guess i like my tire harder than most…
but i figured out the stand, and my torker doesn’t fit it. My freestyle does, though. No wonder he sent it to me for free. its all good though. i’ve been practicing almost non-stop since my last post, and i’ve come up with a good hopping practice drill. I took a couple of soda cans, and a bottle or two, and set them up in a line: can, can, can, bottle, bottle, each about three feet from each other. Then i hopped over each in succession, the objective being to not knock over any of the cans.

:smiley: i bought the same un about a month ago… its pretty nice aint it? yeah i can hop 6 inches higher. i also ww about 15 feet my fist try on it lol(my other uni is 24’’)i hope you like it as much as i do :slight_smile:

believe me when i say i do like it. :smiley:

with the stand you put that loop inside frame (on the wheel side you may have to turn the uni sideways) Then put it vertical and thebearing caps/cranks rest on the shelf. it took me a few days to figure it out (my dad showed me somehow!?)oh and it should fit almost all unis

the frame on the torker is too wide to fit in the hook.
i might either bend it or just put another one of my unis on it.

I got the Troker stand, but I prefer to hang my uni with a hook into one of the studs in the ceiling:

That’s my bike right next to my Torker…My guest bedroom has two bikes and my uni hanging in there. People who stay over always ask me if they have anything to worry about…like the bikes are gonna fall on them or something. If those beams can hold up the ceiling, then surely a few bikes and my uni are not going anywhere.

hey, i said “forget the stand” and left my other uni on it in a corner. I already had like a million of those hooks, and that’s what i kept my unis on before, anyway.

Nice uni. Looks great. Good pic of you wheel walking.

I’m really excited about this as I can’t wheel walk and am getting a new onza trials for my birthday on thursday. I’ll be able to wheel walk, yah hey. (Hang on a minute though, could you wheel walk before?)


i could, but not as well. I think the wider tire has something to do with it… it’s easier for me to get my feet back onto the tire now.