i got my 700c Rhyno lite

finally today my son was kind enough to let me take some time out of his 5 year old day to pick up my future 29er rim.

its fat! sould be good for 2.1 tyres.

its lighter that what i expected,the original 700c Rhynos were tanks.nobody bought them,now there the Ryhno lite.

Mike at the shop has two old 40 spoke rhyno’s and boy are they stout (JC’s favorite word) i almost wish Sun still made the 1st version of Rhyno’s but what can you do,its the byke industry.

the pinned joint looks good,very tight. always check your rim joint before building wheels.Alex rims.

the side walls look preped for awesome braking.

eyelits you ask? yes,36 of them.

its drilled with Presta valves in mind,and is very shiny but not pollished nore satin.

who needs pictures will poetry like that…

Re: i got my 700c Rhyno lite


now for some boring details.

21mm (measured inside the sidewalls)

27.5mm ( measured outside the side walls)