I got lucky!

Last night I was taking my tools out of my car to put them inside my house, but I got a call on my landline phone and so I got distracted. Turns out I forgot to go back outside and close the back hatch to my Honda crv, leaving it wide open, and FACING the street…with my KH MUni and 36er right inside and in plain sight! :astonished:

Got up a while ago not realizing I had done this, went outside and was shocked at seeing it wide open…but to my great relief…and surprise, both unis were still there. The Uni Gods must’ve been smiling on me this time! :slight_smile: Not only could both unis have been easily stolen, but my car as well! I got real lucky this time, and hopefully I won’t be so absent minded again!:o

Here’s exactly what it looked like:


Possibly a bit of old age setting in? Glad to hear all ended up well.

The bad guys thought it was too good to be true … an obvious set-up and cameras all around!

yeah you were very lucky, i dont think people realise how much unicycles can be worth so wouldnt steal them, but the car is a completely different thing, you were very lucky some one didnt take it and go joy riding or something

Open wide and say “Ahhhhh.”

I’ve had my car stolen once, with a unicycle inside it. Also I’ve had my van broken into and two unicycles stolen out of it. Too bad we have to live in areas that have so many criminals. Crime-wise, I’d much rather live in a place like Chariton, Iowa. That was home of the Chariton Unicyclists, hosts of the 1991 and 1996 USA conventions. A great little town, where you can leave your front door unlocked and just tell people to walk in when they get there.