i got bored...

it doesnt really make much sense…but it looks kinda neet.

<img src=“http://i98.photobucket.com/albums/l241/dunawan/biohazardunicycle.gif”>

ahh dangit.

there we go

it’s not anti-aliased, but the design looks pretty cool.


That’s kinda cool. I’ve thought about making a design combining the bio hazard symbol and a uni many times, but have never got around to it. Sweet.

yeah. aliasing is those jagged edges caused by the pixelation. anti-aliasing removes the jaggies by averaging out the edge over a few pixels and smoothing it.



ohhh i see
well yeah i made it in the paint program and cropped it…i could probobly make a much better one if i wanted to. but i just got bored. and there is no purpose im puttin much work into it…unless i was making it as a logo for a company or club or somthing

^^^ i meant “IN” instead of “IM”

Dude, can you not see the “Edit” button?

oh…i never noticed the edit button there…guess i should pay attention…then again i havent really been doing that much lately