I Got A Muni!! Yay

I just purchased most of the components of my new MUni. I still hvae some stuff to buy but that cant really be done until i get the stuff i ordered offline. Hard to explain. This is the setup -

GB4 24’’ Frame (gorgeous)
profile poznanter hub/crank setup
Alex DX32 rim
Gazza 24 / 3’’ tire
Wellgo WAM b-38 pedals
I will have an airsaddle
the saddle will have a reeder handle
The frame has brake bosses so i will eventually purchase maguras, but im short on funds right now…

P.S. I’m getting the frame and accessories for my seat and at some point my seat post from george barnes. If you ever get the chance to buy anything hes made I’d do it. Excellent guy, knows what hes doin. And he put up with me asking endless questions about everything.

Jeez, I don’t think you could have a better first MUni! (or even a MUni at all)

yeah, i hope i like Muni!

Congratulations… sounds like you’re building a great machine. I’ve got two of George’s frames and he’s going to be building me a 26 inch muni frame some day. What color frame did you get??

Mojoe… in snowy Iowa

“searay red”

I like the bearing holders on it, thats my favorite part…and the gb4 logo lasercut into the part righ tunder the crown.

Feel free to send it to me if you don’t like MUni.

All the way to Finland? Much cheaper to send it to Hawaii.

hmm ya know daino makes a good point. Plus, hawaii, i mean come on.

Aren’t custom munis great! I’ll attach a photo of my custom muni. :slight_smile:


i like that color a lot! Custom munis are definitly the way to go…though im spending 200 more than i was originally gonna…actually i was originally just going to get the nimbus muni for 189…my how things have evolved…

Does anyone know anyplace i can get a real beefy seat post clamp for a decent price. Size = 28.6mm or 1 1/8 inches