I got a gravity unicycle now what?

How do i mount this thing? I can get on it but i cant get it moving with out sudden jerks of the pedals. I mount it by putting the right pedal in a 7 o clock positon and stepping on it. That swings me over the wheel but the pedals are in a vertical position when i am on the cycle. I tried mounting it with the pedals in a horizontal position but as soon as i get on the right pedal and swing myself up the pedal shoots to the bottom back to a vertical position.

Any suggestions?

Search the forums. There’s enough learning-to-ride info to keep you from ever getting back on the thing. Be sure to mix reading with practicing though, because no amount of reading will do it for you. I learned long before the Web existed, but it took longer than it probably would have with some key information. But mostly it’s up to your body to figure out the balance.

i just do the thing you do(roll back mount) it just takes time to get used to it. but the static mount which you also mentioned is better. go to www.unicycle.2ya.com and search around there is a short video on static mounts.

Stick a rock behind your wheel so it can’t roll backwards. That’s the fad these days…

You can also try starting facing down a slight hill. This will help the tire from rolling too far under you.

the rock or a 2X4 piece of wood works too.

I am having another problem. My family JEWLS are getting crushed on the seat! OUCH What do i need a jock strap? This really sucks. i wear boxers and this is not helping.

I did manage to get up on the cycle with the roll back mount. I rocked the pedals a few times before i fell over. Thats getting better.


nope no jock strap just position them before you mount. then when your gettin better you can get b*ke shorts(the tight ones) and wear em under your pants. heres the link to show what i mean—>http://www.freewebs.com/andrewcarter/basictips.htm#nutbreaker

Thanks for the links guys. I tried the stationary mount with a brick behind the wheel and now i can ride it 5 feet or one revolution and i fall over to the side usually the left side.

The good thing is i am riding it:D

I did a quick mapping of Bluffton, and you are about 4 hours from Atlanta. Check out the www.atlanatunicycleclub.com website. We get together regularly now, and should be getting together again in a Sunday or two for a few hours of gym time. Great place to practice, see other unicyclists, and see a lot of other unis.


put much more weight on the saddle, and lean forward!!

So far i can pedal the cycle 5 times before falling off. 5 is rare though usualt 2 to 3 times.
How do you steer the uni? One of my problems is i keep turning left. I am right footed. I lean right but it doesnt stop the turn.

dude, gravity unicycles are the best begginer unicycle. i take it off 4 foot high drops and it doesnt even bend!!!
gravity is awsome :roll_eyes:

This was a major problem for me when I started learning. It stuck with me for about a month of onandoff riding, not very long sessions, but then it went away.

Don’t worry about trying to steer until you can go almost indefinately. Once you can go forever, steering kind of comes naturally.

Damn is gravity a brand name? I’ve been reading this thread thinking he was talking about a coasting hub uni!

Dumb question but which side of the seat faces foward? the wide or narrow side? I’ve been using the wide side to the rear and the narrow side toward the front. i tried it the other way and its way more comfrontable. No more nut crushing with the wide side to the front.

Most unis should be able to be ridden straight out of the box. Sometimes these pesky unicycles will try to mess with new riders. As you ride more and get more experience, you will let it know who is boss. Soon the right turn or the left turn will disappear.

Hint to over come this. Make sure that you are putting all of your weight on the saddle. Heavy on the saddle, light on the pedals.

The wide part of the saddle goes in the back, under the widest part of you.

a gravity unicycle is not very good, my brother had a 24 inch one and the crank damaged the bolts on the axle and its bolts broke, when you can you should try to save up for a better unicycle if you are interested in unicycling

keep practising :slight_smile:

The wide part is supposed to be supporting your rear end, but if having it backwards is more comfortable to you then by all means, ride it that way. However you MUST ensure that your pedals are on their correct sides when riding, i.e. right pedal for right foot, left pedal for left foot.

This is important because of the way the mounting holes for the pedals are threaded. Riding for an extended time with swapped pedals can make them start to unscrew themselves from the cranks, which in turn leads to the threads getting messed up unless you notice it in time and tighten them back on.