I got a 5 ft giraffe. YAYY

I just got a 5ft giraffe for my 13th birthday:D . Suprisingly, I learned to ride it in just a half an hour. They are SUCH an ease to ride, and they are almost as effortless to balance on as bikes, although it took me a while to overcome the fear that I would get hurt if I fell (Thank god I didn’t). It feels cool to be riding above the PRIMITIVE, INEFFICIENT 4 wheeled apparatusses known as “cars” when journeying to my friend’s house.

:DJust wanted to let out my excitement in yet another way:D

sounds fun, riding a giraffe is on my unicycle to do list, can you free mount it? if you can then i’ll be really impressed. have fun with it and happy birthday!!!:smiley: :sunglasses:

Why t/y:). I can ALMOST free mount it, it’s mostly getting your butt to stay on the seat that’s tricky, cuz the seat that came with the unicycle is small. The unicycle has no indication of what brand it is, I think it was hand made by the bike shop it was bought from, er something.

I got my Bedford giraffe last Monday, and I’m having a great time with it. With the seat height I use, it’s around 5’7". I’m fairly good at free-mounting, provided I’ve had time to warm up to it, and don’t have anything on my back. I think most important thing about free-mounting is to get your second foot on the pedal as quickly as possible.

in my experience, mounting a five foot giraffe is very systematical. I’ve found that if the right order of events does not occur, I generally fail the mount. I’m over 50% with it now, making it a somewhat viable method of transport.

that’s not so important though - what is important is the order of events:

  1. strong foot on strong pedal in lowest position
  2. launch yourself upwards
  3. put the seat under you
  4. put your other foot on the other pedal
  5. correct your balance

if I, for example, don’t get my ass on the seat before the foot is on the pedal, I end up SIF, which is never fun because the bottom half of the wheel acts as a lever which pulls the seat away from me, usually causing a fall.

I’ve done this many, many times, and it’s definitely one of the most scientific of any skill I know currently.

edit: scientific, more like quantifiable in terms of why I’ve failed, aside from failure in muscle memory or extraunicular forces.

thanks for the info.

congrats. theyre insanely fun arent they? happy birthday too.