I got a 36er! But how I can install "Shadow handle" to it?

It’s KH36! :slight_smile:
I also ordered Nimbus Handle.
How can i fit onto my seat? :thinking:

it fits via the screws on the front and back of the saddle, the ones that hold on the bumpers.

The standard seatpost mounts aren’t used. Everything else is pretty self explanatory. Be sure to tighten down the center bolt for the seatpost before you attach the seat, otherwise you get to re-install it : )

juggleaddict, thanks! Now i’ll try it)

I am not sure if you can get the shadow handle with a 27.2mm seatpost yet. If the seatpost is too small (25.4mm) then you can either get a new seatpost (they are called pivotal posts and used on some BMX bikes) or get an adaptor.

Yes, I used seatpost shim.
municycle com gave me one for free=)