I got a 29er!

I got a 29er from Dave Stockton (U-Turn). It came yesterday. It’s so beautiful!

I haven’t gotten a chance to really try it out yet, but I can get on it. After I’ve gone on a real ride I will give an update.

This is the setup:
KH saddle (blue)
Semcycle XL frame
Sun Rhynolite Rim
Not sure about spokes
Suzue hub
125 mm cranks
Nanoraptor tire
blue dust caps
blue Oddysey Jim Cielencki pedals

I bought the pedals from John Drummond at NAUCC. They were on his Coker, and he sold them to me at a discount because they were the only set they had!

I don’t have a digital camera but here’s a picture that Dave sent me:

29er.bmp (507 KB)

Re: I got a 29er!

Sweet Nikki…that’s one nice ride. Welcome to the High Speed Club!

another member of thee elite

… yeah, for sure join the club Nikki! Fast, light, portable and very cool looking… the 29’er is the ultimate urban commuter uni, IMHO.


Suburban commuter, too. Enjoy it Miss Froggy.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

Damn, your lucky. I’m stuck on a crappy 20" united doing 4 miles a day. I envy you greatly.

Very pretty with the blue highlights. I like blue. Now you just need a geared hub on it. Say “hi” to your mom. Have you taught her to ride yet?

Awesome ride, Nikki. Wear your eye protection when you are at speed!