i get to ride at my school...

well every 6 weeks we have a person come and do something cool or whatever. and i asked if i could and i should em how i ride and i get to… BOOYAH!


lucky. the staff at my school hate unicycles and kick us off even when we are just standing over them its quite annoying.

Never really though about unicycling at skool.i should try it some time:P

I can’t remember a school that hasen’t kicked me out or called the police within 10 minutes of my arrival.

You see, what I love about my school is that I know the admin really, really well. So I guess I could probably ride there. The admin wouldn’t care.

this is really self explanitory, but my punishment was detention in the cafeteria after school, during which I rode the unicycle around the cafeteria

hahaha…i’m at the university of oswego, new york. I ride my unicycle to class…theres only 2 unicycles on campus…and i’m the only one that rides : )

Uni @ SK3wl

My brother and I both rid our unis at lunchtime and never get in trouble!!:D:D:D

I rode my uni to Uni (hehe). Heck, I rode all the way into class and parked it beside my seat. No one said a thing because no one knew what to say. I bring my uni to work these days.

me and a girl from my school boulth uni but the gay teachers took our uni s froum us and wouldent let us use them during lunch :angry: :angry: :angry:

I ride to school almost every day, and bring it to class with me… and even fix it in manufacturing (welded my pedals on the crank arms, due to stripped threads).

I rode it down the halls a couple times and got told to not ride it almost right away.

What does the teachers sexual preference have to do with any of this?

re word that dum teachers sarry

Do you spell this badly on purpose?

Based on how poorly you spell I would have to say all the teachers at your school are terrible and are failing miserably at their jobs.

I am the only one at my school who rides a uni. Besides one of the teachers. I have never thought about it but I guess I could lock up my unicycle outside and ride it during lunch. That would be awesome!:smiley: