I freemounted today!

I got my first unicycle last year, right before winter really set in, so I didn’t really get to even try to learn to ride until this Spring. Well, I have been able to go for awhile now, even straight! But, tonight for the first time ever I freemounted. Cannot wait to practice again tomorrow.

I will be in parades before you know it :slight_smile:

How did you get on it? did you roll back, or static mount, or something else? I learned a roll back first and it has helped with idling, but I can’t get the Static mount now, because I keep weighting the foot on the pedal. Roll back mounts suck off road too. I need to static mount!

Feels good when you make it happen, I beat the crap out of my uni trying relentlessly for an afternoon to free mount. The second time is pretty good too.

I learned to freemount with the rollback too, and when I tried to do a static mount I had the same issue. For me, I solved it by not positioning the pedals quite horizontal. Instead, I put the back pedal slightly higher than the front one, so that the extra weight that I was putting on it took that extra half a second to start me rolling back. Once I got that, I slowly made it closer and closer to parallel. Now I can do both flawlessly :smiley:

Hopefully you guys will find that helpful - I love learning new mounts!

Get down with your bad self.

Congratulations mama! It is such a big milestone. Now you are free to roam about the countryside!

good info on the static mount here:



Congratulations. The freemount is the gateway to riding places.

So did I!

I have been riding for 1½ months and I can ride more than 1 km - but until today I hadn’t made one successful freemount.

I could do the first part of a static mount but lacked forward momentum. I felt that it was mostly a mental block, so some days ago I tried placing a brick behind the wheel (like a curb mount). After 10 minutes I could ride off! :slight_smile:

Today I practised again with the brick, trying as much as possible to simulate a static mount. Then I tried without the brick, and after a few tries I made some successful freemounts! :smiley:

Thanks for the positive encouragement, guys! I have zero idea as to what type of mount I did…will have to look up the various types and find out if there is an easier way than how I am trying to do it. I haven’t ever met another uni person and haven’t read too much, just picked up a unicycle and worked at it until I could ride.

As for the freemount, just did what I normally do to mount, expect this time didn’t use the back of the patio furniture to balance. Basically, put the right pedal at slightly past dead bottom and pushed down with right foot to bring the uni up under me. I have managed it three times now :slight_smile: But this afternoon tried to practice again for awhile and got nowhere; not a single success :frowning:
Ah well, hope to get in a few minutes of practice again tomorrow.

Thanks again for the congrats!

ok, just did some utube viewing of the static and rollback mounts and I am attempting the rollback variety.

I must say that I also watched the suicide mount and …wow. Don’t think I will be doing that until next week :slight_smile:

Sinister Jay grabbed my 36er today and within a few tries was actually free mounting it! I can’t even static mount the thing, ( I have to roll mount it)!