I found Unicycling Nirvana!!!

I found a location that is quite literally a Unicyclist’s Paradise!!! When I saw this place I thought I had died and gone to heaven… it is freakin AMAZING! If you ever have a chance to visit this location, you will be more excited than when you visited Disneyland (or Disneyworld) as a kid for your first time. I believe this is the only place of it’s kind in the United States… perhaps the world! I can not resist the need to go to this location ASAP. Thus D5 (Dave Lowell) and I are taking a road trip across several states this weekend to ride and bring back proof of my discovery (pics and video) and of course pics and video of Dave and I riding at this unbelievable location!

You forgot to tell us what place, and why it’s so cool. Especially if you’ve never been there.

Is it winter there? :slight_smile:

Hope you guys have a great time, and get some cool pix and videos!

Actually, I didn’t forget to tell you the name of the place or why it’s so cool… I just avoided telling you! Although I haven’t been there, both Dave and I did see some really good video footage of the place. It’s killing me to not reveal the location just yet… but I want to keep it a surprise for just a little bit longer… until I can post video of me and Dave riding there! I want everyone on the forum to be totally shocked by this totally insane location AND my riding there… in order to get the full impact! I believe that, like the advent of the Coker, riding locations like the one I’m mentioning could really change (and grow) the sport (this location + Cokers + more riders = major X-games potential!!!). Once I return with footage, it will take me about a week to edit a rough cut together. Once I post the rough cut on the forum, I will reveal the name and directions to the location and unicyclists from all over the world will be able to come realize “Unicycling Nirvana” for themselves in one of the United States most desirable cities!


I’m not offering any clues… so I won’t be divulging the weather at this time. Everyone will have to wait almost two weeks… which feels like a lifetime to me bcecause I really want to let the cat out of the bag! I am so psyched for this trip that I can’t get my mind off of it… I really feel like a kid going to Disneyland!!!

Thanks a lot, John… I hope to get some great video (not sure if I’ll have a digital camera for stills… but I could probably capture and export some frames from the digi video cam footage).

This had better be cool…or you will be ban from unicyclist.com!
now its time to play the guessing game…im gonna say you going to Rays indoor MTB park in ohio http://www.raysmtb.com/

why does it have to be so far away its just not fair :angry:

You hit the nail on the head. Thanks a lot for ruining my surprise, RoastedNuts! Well I guess that’s what I get for opening my big mouth about the place before I went there and shot the video… I had a feeling there would be someone who would take the air out of my sails! Is this place insane, or what??? Check out the photos of the course and the video! How high do you think I’ll get up that 12-ft tall berm bowl on my Coker? Well… now that my surprise is ruined (thanx again, Nuts!)… I urge everyone to check this place out… or at least the website! Let me know if you think my description was accurate or an exaggeration…

Re: I found Unicycling Nirvana!!!

If you make the trip again after this weekend, I’d be very interested in meeting you there!

Sorry to spoil the “surprise”…but I have a feeling your playing mind games… and there are in fact bigger things on your horizon than Rays Indoor MTB Park! See, by admitting to the first guess (a good one at that), you prevent future persistent nagging and prying. No sir, you are more diabolical than that! Enough with the mind games!

Seriously though, have you taken your coker out to the MTB trails on LI? Hardpack and fast…may be a bit tight though…there are also some BMX racing tracks out there that would be pretty cool to ride on…definitely doable on a coker. enjoy your trip.

Has anyone else out there tried riding a coker on a BMX track? I’m not talking about backwoods tracks with huge kickers, but racing tracks with table-tops and burms….it seems like it would be fun…


Looks very cool. Do you know for sure they will allow unis? Looking at the speed some of those bikes are carrying into the big banked turns, etc., I could envision them having the same types of issues that Whistler and some other ski resorts have expressed, which is the conflict between fast and slow moving vehicles.

I do know for sure that they will allow uni’s… I called them to make sure before I drive nearly 500 miles. Actually, the guy told me that they’ve already had some guys come down and ride the easier section of the course on standard type uni’s (I’ll be the first to ride it on a Coker… unless someone else gets there before me). They aren’t going to have any problem with the speed of traffic with me on my Coker… I bet I’ll be navigating that course faster thas some of the bikers… I don’t have two wheels to mess me up in tight turns… and as far as entry/exit speed into and out of the bowl… I’ll probably be faster than some of the bikers on that, too!

Wow,the website looks great!

They even have a trials area,supposedly.
I wonder how a uni would be on a bike trials course though.

Looks like a lot of fun.

how underwhelming…

unicycling paradise in the form a man made obsticle course? gimmie a break, i wouldnt pay a shilling to ride around place. im not into fish bowls

Let me know when your going I’ve been planning to take a trip up there sometime this winter to check it out.


Spoilsport. Are you a neo-Luddite MUni purist? Okay, so it’s not paradise, but it’s major cool.

There are lots of man-made places to ride. See my picture below.

The problem with Joe’s place is that ECMW only comes around once a year. And it’s winter there. The North Shore is dang far away. And it’s very winter there. And it’s way too extreme for me (come to think of it, so is Joe’s place). But at Ray’s, it’s never raining, never winter, never cold, never dark. And they have a variety of stuff to ride on. Trials (beginner section for me, intermediate, and advanced). A rock garden. High-speed stuff for Andrew – jumps and banked curves. And I bet they have a snack bar. What does Kris Holm do when he gets hungry while riding the North Shore? Can he order a tasty snack? No way! :slight_smile:

Re: Re: I found Unicycling Nirvana!!!

Brian, I’ll go there any time you can make it, but I’d prefer not to go on a NYUC meeting weekend (first Sunday, third Saturday).

Can’t you make it this weekend? Just blow off whatever you were going to do. It can wait! And if you had plans with Mrs. Sofa, I think she would prefer to go on this trip, don’t you think, eh?

Jagur – don’t be looking for YOUR invitation in the mail… :slight_smile:

By the way, Ray’s MTB is close to Splash Lagoon! It’s an indoor water park.
(I wonder what other “fun-stuff-inside-a-building” places are around there…)

Re: Re: Re: I found Unicycling Nirvana!!!

No Sir

Perhaps some sort of small get together would be fun, maybe mid-jan?

This weekend. Be there. :slight_smile:

Brian – I can’t go on Jan 15th/16th (it’s my birthday on the 16th. I turn… old). But any other time. I’m flexible.

Make it Mid Feb and I can hand deliver your copy of TWNR :slight_smile:

You fsuckers, this is finals week! I’ll be here busting my balls writing contless pages of Media critiques so I can graduate in under 5 years of college.

Make sure you guys bring your trials uni’s if you own them. Rays has a some indoor trials stuff to ride.

Man I guess I’ll have to try again some other time.

Have fun without me