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It looks like my hub (Quax ISIS) is the same as the KH. Same Material and all that.


Tell me what you think…


What the chart doesn’t say is why the KH hub is lighter than the Qu-ax, the KH axle is drilled to save weight. The Qu-ax is not, meaning it’s stronger. I wonder why it shows the Koxx on there too as it’s not real ISIS…

Thanks , good find

I saved that.:slight_smile:

i thought that the Red isis hub wasnt strong :thinking:

That was the case for the old non ISIS red hub. The new ISIS one however is strong.

like really strong? comparable to the KH? or is it just a little bit stronger than a square taper set up?

So, tell me if I got this right…It’s not worth giving 400€ for a QU-AX trials, but instead you can buy a cross and put on the new CrMo cranks?

Does it work this way?:smiley:
I have compared prices, and the trials is 20€ more expensive

It’s been said to be comparable, maybe stronger because its not drilled like the KH.

So then UDC UK is incorrect? http://unicycle.co.uk/shop/shopdisplayproduct.asp?catalogid=644 says that the red ISIS hub, and the cranks on that particular unicycle, are “lightweight” and not suited for large drops.

I believe the issue is the freestyle ISIS cranks on it, those are probably not nearly as strong as say the KH or Koxx cranks.

Even if its just as strong as and cheaper than the KH hub, its a 48 spoke hub so you end up seriously limiting your rim choice. I’d rather spend the extra, get a hub I know is strong and light and give myself more options for future upgrades. Not to mention the wider flange to flange distance of the KH hub which would provide an even more solid wheel build.

The Same?

I wonder how you say that your Qu-Ax is the same as the KH? None of the paramaters are the same. Did you mean ONZA by any chance.

As for QU-AX vs KH strenght there are many more factors than just drilling that determine strengh!


Drilling the axle hollow is a good thing

High end racing motorcycles have hollow axles. Machining like this adds to the makers cost, but removes heavy metal from a place where it does little to add strength. Using a solid rod rather then a drilled tube is a cost saving design, nothing more can be said for it. I don’t know what metal KH and Qu-ax are using. In general, the extra cost of machining the axle hollow is combined with a willingness to spend more on metal quality and heat treatment as well. I would guess that the hollow KH axle is stronger then the solid Qu-ax version as a result of the willingness to invest more in it’s manufacture. :sunglasses:

I have a red ISIS hub - I bent it, with my highest drop being about 4ft. I had the freestyle cranks, which are fine. I don’t know why people are saying the red ISIS is comparable to KH Moment hub. the red hub is only recomended for entry level trials. The moment hub doesn’t carry such warning.


I have a new game!!! spot the sponcered!!! :smiley:

You’re the only one to break it, like I said it’s probably a flawed hub. You’re suggesting I’m biased about this, but I’ve discussed it with 2 unicycle.com shop owners. There were originally 2 qu-ax red hub versions, one was drilled the other wasn’t. Qu-ax found that this drilled hub might not be strong enough and wanted to be sure and made the new solid hub. It could be that you have a drilled hub, but I doubt it, I don’t think they are on the market. Mail your shop. Also, make sure it’s not your cranks thats bent, the cranks are labeled as freestyle cranks.

Well I know that the yellow hub is solid, but I’ve heard of the qu-ax isis bending.

And yes I am sugesting that you will be pro qu-ax (obviously) but not nessusaraly biased

I phoned them. The hub was meant for entry level trials, which they told me when I bought it.

When you ay drilled, do you mean thay are “hollowed out”? I’d like to check it out, but don’t have my uni with me at the moment.

The cranks aren’t bent. I swithched then with an identical qu-ax cross. Same wobble on my uni, same smooth ride with the other uni.

I don’t think I received a flawed hub. It makes no sense to me that it would be advertised as an entry level hub if it is the same strength/stronger than the KH moment. And the Qu-ax Isis (29.90 Euro) is almost half the price of the KH Moment (49 euro) on Municycle.com. The Qu-ax yellow splined hub, which is on their serious trials and munis, costs 45 euro. As I understand it, the yellow hub is comparable in strength to the KH moment.

As I understand the above statements, the red isis hub is the main factor that limits the strength of the uni.

Qu-ax make great unicycles, at great prices. I own 3 qu-ax’s and am very happy with them. I think that my cross outperformed it’s advertised limits. however, I think that the suggestion that the red isis hub is comparable to the moments is misleading.

The Qu-Ax red hub is comparable to the UDC cro-molly cotterless hub in strength, like on the Nimbus Trials and Muni, not nearly as strong as the KH. The rim is likely a bit stronger because of the 48 spokes though.

The KH & Qu-Ax freestyle cranks are compatable w/ each other’s hubs. I’m not sure if the Monty isis cranks/hub are compatable though.

What wasn’t in the chart were the issis hubs on the new Nimbus X Street and Monty trials. I don’t think they are available separately yet.

I would like to start this post by saying that just because I’m a qu-ax rider I don’t have to like say good stuff about them. So that’s bullshit, I don’t get paid for any unicycle they sell so I shouldn’t care.

Please don’t throw in prices and tell me just because the KH is more expensive it is better, I bent the 2005 cranks in 2 days, I think the hub/crankset was 150 euros. Now, The light Koxx cranks meant for freestyle, hockey and touring are also more expensive that the reinforced trials ones. So are the street cranks, maybe we should go do large drops on them. It doesn’t work like that.

Why is the qu-ax red hub so much cheaper than the KH? not because it’s less quality. These pedals: http://www.einradladen.net/shop/show_product.php/cPath/7/products_id/623 are 40 euro’s, made in exactly the same factory with exactly the same materials as these pedals http://www.cambriabike.com/shopexd.asp?id=40031 which are sold for like twice the price.

I think the axles of the KH and qu-ax are made of the same material but I’m not sure, I doubt that any shop will tell you it’s made for 3 meter drops (no unicycle hub is) mainly to avoid warranty issues. When I was at Unicycle.com UK one of the staff who also helped designing the KH hub/cranks told me that the qu-ax hub should be stronger than the KH in theory.

I base my knowledge on that, if the hub fails, I mean, that’s possible. But don’t go saying ‘woo, it’s 30 euros so it’s probably as strong as a cotterless hub!’ and saying crap like it’s as strong as a UDC CrMo hub, that’s bullshit. If you don’t know what you’re talking about then don’t post.

To those people who claim it’s as strong as a cotterless hub, please give me the information on what you base it on, like the materials the hub is made out of. I would like to know and bow to your superior knowledge. Also explain to me why the splined system is stronger again.

I recon this post sounds pretty annoyed, it’s because I am…

True, but I think that it is a helpful indication considering the warning about not riding too hard.

I stress, its an indication when used in conjuction with other information.

Then why does the red hub specifically carry this warning whilst the other hubs (including the Qu-ax yellow splined) don’t?

Their advertising does not support this

I think you combined my post (prices) with Skilewis (UDC CroMo). That isn’t necessarily how he came to form his opinion.

Chill out. there is confusion, with information supporting both arguments. nobody is personally attacking you or your credibility.

I’m out of town for a few days, so i’ll only be able to catch up with this discussion on Sunday…