I found a website that sells 2007 kris holms trials for a cheaper price than udc!!!

The website is http://www.speedgoat.com/catalog.asp?cat=370
They even have the kh trials.


you should have sold people that info. You coul’ve made some money

darn! you’re right I should have
but I’m nice so yeah…

That’s still $100 more than a different online store’s price ($375 + $7.50 shipping) … you’ll have to troll the forums to find their name, though, because I’m feeling a little persnickety just at the moment … :wink:

but have you inquired about availibility?

udc is winning money

I don’t believe anyone has any KH’s of any size in stock. The next shipment is coming on a slow boat from China, and is due here (USA) in April.

I asked them to price match the other site, but their canned response was No, and listed about 12 possible reasons why not.

Bedford still has them im pretty sure since i just got one a week ago or so.

You’re right, and Bedford is cheaper than speedgoat.com.

I just placed my order for a KH20 with Darren.

Speedgoat is a great shop outside of Pittsburgh, PA. I would not hesitate to give them your business…

I believe that Alfred E Bike was the other link that had been posted before. I have bought a lot from them as well. They had the complete QBP catalog online and their prices far undercut anyone else out there. However, they seem to have made changes to their site. The prices are not quite as good and a huge number of products in the catalog are no longer listed (including the Kris Holm completes).

How mutch is Bedford? http://www.bedfordunicycles.ca/pricelist/bedford_unicycles_pricelist.pdf That says $560. But udc has them for $499
I’m corn fused. :thinking:

That is $560 Canadian, $479 US dollars.

Oic thanks. Blond moment:p

The sad thing is I’m not blond.

That is also the old price, over a year old infact. Since the 07 model is cheaper it will probably be cheaper (unless it costs more to get it shipped to Canada now which wouldn’t surprise me).

Of these two online stores, Speedgoat is cheaper for US residents by at least $30.

Bedford has the 2007 KH 24" in stock (I am confident they also have the other models in stock). The price for that unicycle is $525US + shipping ($45 for me) + dcc fee (if you are in the US, and use a CC to purchase). The new Bedford price list will be posted soon, so you can check the prices via the web.

Speedgoat is completely out of KH stock. They expect the shipment in the next two weeks. Price for the 2007 KH 24" is $550US, free shipping.