I found a must-see movie in the gallery...

Everyone go and download this movie right now.


It’s so brilliant that I just watched it 3 times in a row. Great filming and amazing riding!

Download it now!


whoa, that really was good! thanks for pointing it out.

Deja vu. That movie is sooooo last year. :roll_eyes:
Another trials video by Jeff Groves.


oh no!..dont tell me im chuggin away on a 56K for a re-run?

It’s the same video from last November.

la la lah 68% oh,whats this from John?..ah ah ok hmmmm…CANCEL! im free…

Oh woops, sorry. Well it’s awesome anyway.


It is awesome, and well worth the new round of attention.

and you can’t beat that soundtrack!

My friend Chip made the track used in the video. For those who are interested it’s called “The Toronto District Social Club”.

Thanks again for liking video.