I fixed my Coker! Veering Problem

Thanks fellow posters, I couldn’t have done it without you. I tore my Coker up riding down a logging trail, a pedal got ripped out of my [don’t buy] Lasco cranks, and I made matters worse when I tried to use a hammer and a gear puller to remove the stuck cranks. I finally got them off by buying the proper crank tool from the Bike Shop and heating the cranks with Bic lighters.
I put the original six inch cranks back on the uni and noticed that the wheel was no longer centered in the frame. I rode the uni and found it veered badly to one side. MAJOR SADDNESS.
At this point I tried shimming the bearings with shims made from soda cans. this had no effect. I threw a post up on this site asking for help, and was told to start centering the wheel, a bearing may have been pushed during my botched repairs. I measured the distance from the pedals ot a straightedge held against [the now properly seated ] tire and discovered a quarter inch difference. I trued and dished the wheel, this helped. I did it again. Still better but not quite right. At least it was ridable.
A few days ago someone else posted a question similar to mine. This time the solution listed was to BEND THE FORKS of the frame. I went home, removed the wheel once again and bent away. A few shims and a quick redishing, and I was outside trying it out. It felt right so I took it to the walking paths.
Whee! I’ve got my Coker back.!!! It no longer feels like a grocery cart with a bad wheel.
LESSON ONE -try not to use hammers to fix unis.
LESSON TWO - don’t buy Lasco cranks.
LESSON THREE use the proper crank puller.
LESSON FOUR- ask this most wonderful site for help.
Thanks guys, I gush with gratitude.
carjug, Who outpaced a jogger and two rollerbladers yestersday using genuine stock Coker six inch cranks.

Re: I fixed my Coker! Veering Problem

A sweeping statement!

Where I live:
A Mechanic is anyone who uses different hammers for different jobs.

An Engineer owns 3 sizes of screwdriver.

An Expert insists that Pozidrv and Philips are not interchangeable.

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