I Finished!!!!!

Well it wasn’t pretty but I finished. Rode the “City to the Sea” ride today. It was 21 miles. My farthest to date! I took one break 12 miles in to it and was the subject of a UPD 16 miles in to it. I wonder why rides have to end with hills and head wind? This was my first “bike” ride on my N36. I have had it for three weeks now and am just starting to get comfortable. The best thing was I mounted it in my first try when everyone was watching. I was very happy to do that! I did the 21 miles in 2 hours and 25 minutes so whatever that speed is. That obviously included my “breaks”. I am attaching a pic of me going over some RR tracks. Not very pretty form but I was pretty nervous about those tracks seeing I never rode over any before. The Uni took it great. I was very motivated by Cathy’ s thread yesterday about her 30 miler. Just what I needed to hear. ( am trying to attach file… hope I did it right.)

rr tracks.jpg

Congrats! Good to hear things went well for you. For your first long ride, that’s pretty great as far as breaks go. My compliments, and keep it up!

Congratulations - way to go!

congrats :):). Its great to know you finished this after hearing about it initially from you. The best of luck on future unicycling trips and hopefully what we talked about via PM and tutorial threads was helpful.

good job

Great job. I’m trying to get in shape for a Wounded Warrior ride on the 30th. Planning on doing the 15 mile leg. Depending on how I feel I may go for the 30 mile leg.

I can ride alot further between breaks after I put the KH Fusion/Freeride on my 36. The air sadle was killing me, but it works well on my 26" Muni.


is it just me or was the person who framed up this pic hoping to get a pic of you UPDing? glad you disappointed them :wink:



Good job. Keep pedaling and smiling

That’s pretty awesome. Distance cycling rules!

Good job, REM!
Thanx for sharing.

What’s the next goal?

It was my wife. I think she has a warped sense of humor! Ha! I was the one concerned about the UPD right then. In fact, you can see it on my face! Oh well…

Not sure yet. I would like to find some longer rides that are not races so I have plenty of time to finish. Any suggestions how to find these??

I was told that there is a bike ride every weekend in easy driving distance if I look hard enough. Id start online. Here’s a good starting point:

I can only suggest trying to hook up with riders in your area and finding out from them.

NC = North Carolina?

And while you’re there.