I finally rode a mile

Hello unibokk.

The reason I posted was because you didn’t seem to be just making a suggestion-

the bits in bold are a bit dogmatic. And I recall being a beginner on this board being subjected to similar ‘short crank dogmatism’, with experienced riders giving the impression that people start on longer cranks (150s etc) and should ‘progress’ to 125/110 (or even absurdities like 89mm) as they develop.

After feeling inadequate/useless for a while cos I found 125s to simply not work in hilly Sheffield, and, having had a nasty fall due to trying 110s, I decided to stick to what worked for me i.e. 150s.

Now I’ve been riding for 15 years and am myself an experienced rider, still using the 150s, because, they are the best crank for me, on the hilly terrain I ride- and I defy anyone to come up here with their 89mm cranks, or their cokers with 110s, and attempt to ride these hills :slight_smile:

Like I said, I thought this ‘short crank=better’ nonsense was over, now there are several very proficient unicyclists who use long cranks posting on here- I just don’t want a relatively new rider feeling inadequate because of it.

Especially given that he lacks the stamina to go 1/2 a mile- I really don’t think shifting to a crank length which will make his unicycle harder to control is necessarily a good move at this stage :slight_smile: (though there’s no reaon he shouldn’t give it a try).

Incidently, I agree with your post on the other thread about the quax26 being an excellent uni- I’ve been riding one for the past year myself.

While out on the 29er today, I did switch my dual hole cranks to the 125 setting just to see what it felt like after using the 150s.

On the flat, it certainly meant less leg movement, but, I just didn’t like the less reliable freemounting and the fact that I felt less able to spin the cranks really fast like I do with the 150s, so switched back again. Partly it’s cos part of my motivation for riding is fitness, so even if 150s mean more leg movement and more energy, it’s not a problem, as that’s only good for fitness.

I think though, that I may try the quax 145s out on the 29-er, as I’ve now got a spare set lying around.

My son is an engineer and he broached that exact idea yesterday. I wasn’t sure it would be workable, but if he comes up with something that’ll work I’ll let you know.

He did say that his company might be interested in manufacturing Unicycles/parts - told him to get their estimators to get hold of the UDC guys to see if they want some bits made here :slight_smile:

I expect Taiwan do them for tuppence ha’penny though :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah! I can see how my choice of words might be misinterperated.Of course one could also progress from 125mm cranks to 150mm cranks etc. Progression in this context,speaks of a journey rather than a promotion.The word “starters” speaks of a starting point,not a level of status.

Thanks for your feedback.I think we both can agree that experimenting is part of the fun.Enjoy your 145s

Ok Wheeliedaft. This could be a revolutionary development for unicycling.An all terraine crank!!!

I know I’m veering more off topic all the time but how about this…36" wheel 110mm cranks…and hilly stuff…I’m sure it’s been posted before :slight_smile:

Excellent obsevation Jojoxie. I’ve seen this video before .He did that long mountainous hill on a 36er with 110mm cranks. I’m not alone .With regard to your AVLCs,check post #22. Wheeliedaft’s son is working on such an idea.

Let me stress before I say this, I’m in no way knocking his achievement- going 60 miles on a unicycle is seriously noteworthy.

But, the hills didn’t look that steep. He’s doing really well to get up them with 110mm cranks, and, God knows why he chose cranks that short, cos he’s clearly struggling to climb with them: but, when I’m talking about steep hills, I’m meaning proper steep- the kind of stuff that can’t be done on a coker with 110mm cranks.

Essentially, he’s done a 5,000 ft climb over 60 miles- that averages out at a 1:60 gradient- overall, that’s not steep.

It’s an impressive ride, due to the distance, but I don’t see how it’s relevant when it comes to issues relating to steep hills and short cranks.

Averaging I t out in order to post a mild gradient.Tut,tut.Check the video at 1:30-1:45 and 3:25-3:45 and you will see that there is some steep climbing.He’s not struggling .He can speak clearly and he’s not rolling his shoulders.He is cycling methodically and smoothly.Imagine what he could do on a 29er. I’m wondering is he using clipless pedals.Does anybody know?

OK- I’ve just checked 1:30-1:45 and 3:25-3:45- seriously, they’re not that steep- not steep like the hills I’m talking about that lead me to stick with 150s on my 29er.

Here’s a steep hill-

I don’t think anyone’s getting up that on a coker with 110 cranks- do you?

That vid was shot when I was using 125s on the 29er (I’m on the left with the blue KH- the other guys got 150s), and, while I can get up it with 125s, it’s unecessarily difficult (it’s far from easy even with 150s).

Where I live there’s several hills as steep as that, and, many others that are less steep, but longer- 125s and shorter cranks are not an option if you want to be enjoying yout riding round here. And the downhills are totally impossible unless you’ve got a brake.

First of all,let me say how impressed I am with your video.Impressed? Nay astounded!!
Well done. Now getting back to your post#15 .You said and I quote,“100mm cranks are only going to be any use on flat runs”,and I disagree.Admittedly they are /not suited for really steep climbs,like in your video but Florida Uni in post #1,to whom I was replying never mentioned any STEEP hills,or cliffs for that matter.He was just talking about riding further and how he lacked stamina.I was answering him in context.The hills and very steep hills were your allusion. My suggestion to him still stands. typically short cranks are good for longer distances.Steep hills and very steep hills are another matter.

Ah,bedtime.I have to go and get my beauty sleep.Bye for now.