i finally ordered 160mm cranks

all that talk about getting 160mm Profiles has finally became a reality.

now i will have 145mm for the street and 160mm for some of this seriously dangerous stuff in Fall City Oregon.

ive been saving my empty beer cans to pay for them (there worth 5 cents a piece in Ore.) and it has takin about 15 weeks.you do the math.

they are coming 2nd day air too,im hoping to ride on them this week-end.its been a fortnight since ive even seen the trail.

How funny, I just ordered 140mm cranks for my KH24. After seeing how much fun you had on the 145’s I thought why not after all I have brakes to help me out. Are you riding Sunday(4/27)?

that is funny,i would stick with the 145’s if i had a brake but there is no way (that i can think of) to mount one on my SH frame.

yours are only $66 too,and they dont have a hole in them :wink:

i wanted to but DudleyDoRide has tickets to the stinking Blazer playoff home game on Sunday.i told him to scalp’em and buy some splined cranks but he just wont listen to reason :slight_smile: im hoping to go on 5/4

Wow Jagur, think of all the stuff you’d have if you used the money for the ‘full’ beer cans toward uni stuff! I know, I know, it’s just not possible :wink:

I ordered a pair of 150’s for my 24x3 on Monday just to see how they perform on the road after hearing all this discussion about crank lengths!!!

Re: i finally ordered 160mm cranks

Oh, Jag- I’m sorry I didn’t read this earlyer- 162’s are much better… perhaps you can unload those 160’s before the word get’s out… :roll_eyes:


Just got the 140mm KH Splined Cranks, put them on the KH24 and hit the trail. I found it to be a lot more fun ripping down the trail, up wasn’t so bad I still walk in the same places as with the 170’s. I do have brakes so I don’t loose any control on the downhill.

Here is the fun bit, they come with shims.

yes it is always better to go faster,thats why i think 24x3 is getting so boring for me.

i think im going to sell my Muni and go 29er all the way.the drops hurt my ankles and 5 mph on the trail is just a waste of suffering.

i bought the 160s to check out but mainy to put on in case of sale,im keeping my 145’s forever.they are under my pillow now.

Yes, the 24x3 is boring on flat, easy trails. It feels like your not getting anywhere at all. I try to find twisty, rooty, rocky, technical trails to ride my 24x3 on. I also prefer it for urban/trials riding.

Having just started taking my 29er with 125mm cranks off road, I love it. Most of the trails close to home are way to easy for the 24x3 muni. The 29er is fast enough to make the boring trails fun and I get a good workout. I’ve added a v-brake, so down hills a no problem.

I’ll never get rid of my 24x3, but I do plan on riding the 29er on the easier trails. I’ve been commuting on it too, since my Coker wheel is taco’d.

cheers… Mojoe

I’m different. as long as I’m riding as fast as my particular wheel size will allow, it always feels ‘just fast enough’ and I am never bored because my 26 doesn’t go as fast as the 36, let’s just say

On the subject of trying short cranks on the trails…

I was trying the 140mm montys from my trials Yuni on my 26" pashley. I went out to a trail I ride that is pretty technical. It turned out the combination of higher speed and lower control can be a problem. I ate it pretty bad on this one hill - usually a very fun and challenging hill.

When I landed, my left leg was jammed very very tight in between the crank and the tire. I could not pull my leg out. What’s worse is my leg was twisted around and it was hurting a lot. It’s one of those situations where your in so much pain and you have to get out, but you can’t think straight because your in so much pain. I had to lift the unicycle with my leg and rotate it around and then find a way to force my leg out. For a second it looked like I was going to have to let the air out of the tire to get my leg out. It hurt like hell and now I have an awesome bruise on the back of my leg where the crank was jammed.

So, yeah…the extra speed on the trails can be tricky.

Re: i finally ordered 160mm cranks

jagur wrote:

> ive been saving my empty beer cans to pay for them (there worth 5 cents
> a piece in Ore.) and it has takin about 15 weeks.you do the math.

Hi jaguar,

I’m sure it would have been quicker to use your beer money instead of
the can deposits, but you did the right thing! After all beer ‘is’ food!