I finally landed a 720

here is the second one (I didn’t get the first one on video)

Sick ! That was really clean. Now you need to do it from seat in ! :slight_smile:


Wow! That was probably the cleanest 7 spin ive ever seen. Good job!


how come you do it with your uni backwards? nice spin man


Thats awsome. Its funny how your uni bounces off the ground for the last 180.

Nice work.

very well done man.


In shaun’s tutorial video he mentions that some people do it backwards because its easier to get more leverage. Or was it because its easier to catch? One of the two, maybe both.

WOW! :astonished:

You made it look so easy, so clean… :wink:

I liked it…

Can you land it on the street uni too?? :thinking:

Bye! :smiley:

ha noooooooooooooo this is the thread i really wanted to see from u but not till i landed it first. congrats dude thats so sick. ill land one soon.

cant belive u stuck it first :wink:


Wow! That was crazy smooth!

you make it look so effortless. awesome job!!!

Thank you all.

Hugo: that 720 outspin is coming:p

Justin: I don’t really know why I do it backwards, its what many people do. I usually practiced both ways, whichever one im closer to that day. Today was just a backwards seat day.

Municycler: I didn’t even notice my uni did that. thats funny.

Pedro: I haven’t yet tried it on my street uni. I usually get my spins on it between a week and 1.5 months after I get it on my freestyle. we’ll see.

Awesome, now get it on a trial.

Technically it was clean because of the zero hops, but your uni bouncing on the ground for the last 180is very odd, can’t imagine someone getting it very consistant like that.

practice it on a trial uni now… :stuck_out_tongue:

good job, i’m working on it too landed it one time but need to film it now…

– bobousse

Damn you beat me haha. Very good work Pele. That was awesome. You reckon you could land it on your trials so you land to SI so you can add a flip.

Im practicing it right now. When the seats bwds i get it 1/3 of the time. I also landed a few forwards. Ill get it to a 2/3 consistency, and then ill do it on a trials.

The only problem is i do my treys from seat in. Almost got out fifths. Im also pretty close now to an out 7 spin. Ill probably 7 on a trials, out 7 on a freestyle, and out fifth on a trials within a month or so.

Ah man you got it on film before me :frowning: Congrats though looked pretty clean.
How much easie are they on a freestyle uni? I have never realy treid many spins on my freestyle uni, feels to different.

Yea I landed it once, almost twice but havnt got around to getting it on film. Since then I havnt even tried it. Recently I havnt been out much atall so I havnt been learning anything new. I hate school and I hate rain.

your wearing the same clothes as in your avatar! hahah. anyway, congrats. your in the 1% of unicyclst that can do it.

Nice one!
I’ve never triad 720’s on a freestyle uni.
Is it much easier?