I finally got to ride a giraffe (and did some more wooden round rail riding)...

I’ve been wishing to try riding a giraffe for ages now and today I finally got the chance to ride one. I rode Simon’s 5’er for about 20 or so metres today and the only reason I stopped was because I was coming up to a crossing but couldn’t see whether or not there was any traffic. I felt great! It was probably about the 10th go at it, but I eventually got it. I just had to cross a little grass bit and go up a little bump to get onto the footpath and then I was right. A giraffe is definately on my list of things to buy.

There are photos of the giraffe and me riding it at www.unicyclist.com/gallery/albun59 in the ‘Photos’ section of the ‘Miscellaneous’ section. There’s also a couple of photos in the ‘Photos’ section of the ‘Trials’ section of the rail riding. I finally got around to organising my albums.

Wayne, you may recognise the giraffe :).

Just another great day of unicycling,

Hey Andrew.

Yer. Giraffe riding is cool. I got a 6ft DM , and its cool just riding it. Ok, it might be slower than a ‘normal’ uni with the same sized wheel (mine is 20"), but just being above everyone, and everything is such a cool feeling! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I love my giraffe. Some people I talk to hardly use theirs, but i use mine quite alot, and also for shows and parades.

After i was riding my giraffe round the park and in the supermarket car park, i was also gliding down this long, fairly steep hill by my local park this morning. It was really good. (NOTE: I was gliding on my 19" Trials, not my giraffe)
I would love to glide on a 3 wheeled giraffe! I’d find the 2wheeled on too hard! Has anyone done this, as im sure they have. Any pics?


Yeh, I’m also interested in seeing some pics or videos of people gliding on a 2 wheeled giraffe. Would you put you foot behind the frame or just really carefully in front?



Great galleries! That’s a nice looking giraffe you’ve got there.


The quality of the pics isnt very good, but it’ll do for now.
It was just a cheap digital camera, so I’m gettin a better one soon :smiley: