I fell off.. and lost my unicycle. (it may turn up on here for sale..)

Ok, it was bound to happen, i have been riding for years now and finally i had a serious accident.

I no longer have palms, my hands and forearms are wrapped up like a burns patient. I now limp.

It was nothing major as far as crashes are concerned, i was simply doing the same ride i do nearly every day on my trials uni, down a particulary steep hill and in my girlfriends front door. Alas on the ‘particulary steep hill’ bit i lost it and fell, severly abusing my elbow, not to be detered i carried on girlfriend bound only to fall a second time, the second time i was not so lucky. I dont remember much after that, only pain and walking, that kind of walk you do when you have had a few to many drinks, the deliberate ‘i know where i am going and nothing else matters’ walk. I managed to get to my girlfriends and cleaned up a bit, munched a couple of pain killers and fell asleep on the lounge. I ended up at the doctors the next day due to the fact i was having trouble stopping the bleeding.

In the end i am fine, just really sore, embarrased and less covered in skin.
The unusual thing is, my unicycle is gone. I have absolutely no recollection of what happened to it. I think i may have gone into shock, I dont know. It is a haze.

Also, it was not my only crash that night, I attended a party way way early on in the evening, a party where a friend and i dinked a bike to a shop and fell off together. Then a bit after that I discovered a Tonka truck and rode it down a large hill only to come a cropper and glide gently along the gravel for several metres.

I guess i should just clear up because i am sure some of you are wondering, was I under the influence of alcohol? nope. I had a drink or two early on in the afternoon, but the unicycle crash was about one in the morning. I think, now I look back, i would have probably been safer if i had been drinking. Yes, I may have spent a little more money if i had drunk, but at least I would have had the common sense not to ride under the influence, but instead i rode under the regular me and came unstuck on a hill.

But jumping back to the missing unicycle. There is a slight chance it might turn up here, it is a KH trials painted black with a yellow seat bumper and white rim tape, i cannot remmember exactly the year but it was when moments first came out. I dont get on the forums much at all anymore as I dont have regular access to the internet, but if something does turn up it would be brilliant if someone could drop me an email, Tomblogs(AT)hotmail(dot)com. I really cannot afford another one and dont know what i am going to do without it.

That and the night after it happened i was due to do a stand up set, I still went ahead with it, only instead of my intended material i told the story of my crash, somewhat embellished. It is not the most amusing thing in the world but is interesting to see, it should be up on the internets soon, i will post a link. You can see me all bandaged and sore, full of painkillers, trying to make out its not such a big thing, i even managed a few easter jokes…
actually, i have been doing a bit of unicycle related material, when i get myself all mended i will try get a clip or two up.

Anyway thanks everyone
and happy easter

It does say my location on my profile thing, but i guess i should put it here too so as it is known where to look out for an illigitimate sellers location.
Tasmania, Australia. and as I would have added in highschool when i thought i knew everything; Earth, Milky Way, Universe.

My only question is whether you were so whacked out of your mind before you hit your head? That is one ramble of a post.

Seriously, are you serious?

I hope you find your unicycle if it really is lost/stolen.

I suggest you start by looking for it where you we riding the Tonka truck :roll_eyes:

You silly bugger Tom.

Sounds like a trip.

You should be a novelist, I like the way you tell a story. And good luck finding the unicycle.

Also agreed with this.

You should have mentioned System Sol.
Without that detail, you’ll never get your uni back if it was abducted my some lost intergalactic traveller and end up on ebay universe.:slight_smile:

You should have mentioned System Sol.
Without that detail, you’ll never get your uni back if it was abducted my some lost intergalactic traveller and end up on ebay universe.:slight_smile:


Bummer to hear about your injury… but there are simple ways to make unicycling safer.

Use Neosporin and Vitamin E creme to prevent major scarring! Hope you mend up well…

thanks for the concern, luck, praise and hot tips.

my unicycle is back! a gentleman found it in the street the next morning. Having owned (and to my knowledge, still owning) a son who unicycles, he spotted it for what it was, a KH, and began making inquiries.

I am happily ruinited and have honoured it with new spokes as a apology.

That and i have the internet again… so bring on the postering here.
Also… i bought a bike… but you needn’t know about that.

Oh and here is the set: http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=384676408873&oid=26157995983 I was pretty woozy. The story is also rather embellished and there are one or two easter and australian references. You may need to have a facebook account to view it.

As for the writing, i am currently writing a radio segment which will hopefull be made available through podcast although due to sponsors I am not one hundred percent on that yet.



You silly bugger Tom.

I always like a good story with a happy ending.