i feel blue (yes it belongs in rsu)

i just took my KH frame and glass beaded it and am now covered in blue paint. Im going to powder coat it white and powder coat the hub black. its gonna look sweet.

What does that mean?

Post pics, so this thread isnt quite so random

i can’t really touch it right now because of the oils on my hand but ill try

like sand blasting but with glass and a lot slower and cleaner. it took me 3 hours. powder coating places will do it before they paint it but i did it myself to save money.

Couldn’t you have just used paint stripper? Messy but wouldn’t take 3 hours!

i don’t know what that is but i assume by the name it strippes paint. i don’t have one.

lol, thats a funny way to say it.

Paint thinner is more like a gel substance and you just spread it on the paint, and watch it bubble up and eat the paint of the metal.

Paint stripper is bad for you, and bad for the environment. If you have access to other methods by all means go for. 3 hours is a small price to pay for the things that truly matter.

Paint thinner is used to thin paint, ie. to make it less dense.
Paint stripper, is more like a gel substance, which reacts with the chemicals in the paint and aids in the removal of the paint from the painted surface.

The principal active ingredient is usually dichloromethane.

I ment to put stripper.

Im getting some kinda they use for plane parts and other large crafts. Its eco-friendly too. =p

Yeah, I know :stuck_out_tongue:

eco-friendly just reminds me of biodegradable plastic containers (bags, cups etc). They may be biodegradable, but the rate of which it takes for them to degrade is much less than the rate of which they pile into the land fills. Off topic of course.

I’d like to strip my frame, and custom paint it (with text), but that will have to wait. I have several upgrades in the pipeline which take priority.

im painting mine now because i broke my seat base and can’t ride until i get it fixed.

nice dude.
I just broke mine to day. I just ordered a cf base…
Hoping its worth it…

Hopefully I can get all my stuff done by monday.

I broke my post last Saturday, ordered one sunday, and for some reason, its gonna take another 4 more days to get here (I usuallyy get stuff east coast to weast coast in three days).

It will give me something to do while waiting.

Cool, Norton sucks by the way.