i fannaly figured out how to hop better

today i learned how to how up two stairs at once :smiley: im so happy before i think i was just doing it without springing off my tire but now i do about a second and a half still stance and then spring off the tire i can really fell the differnece it makes and this is with the seat underneath me with me gradding the handle so once i perfect my spring hop thingy and i learn how to hop better without using the handle with the seat in front i think i will be a ble to hop pretty dam high!

dude do you know how to change the thing thta says unicycling newbie to whatever i cant figure it out

  Chase P.O.W

dude, click the “user cp” button at the top of the screen.

wait what?


dude thank P.O.W. UNITE


Re: i fannaly figured out how to hop better

This is the longest run-on sentence I’ve seen. (so far)

(not mentioning ‘other’ problems :smiley: )

o ya and i doing it on a 24" tire MUni. and sorry my grammer isint that great :frowning:

Yeah i fanaly learned how to sidehop up two stairs a couple weeks ago.
I have to do it on a 24" too.
I could do it rolling hop easy,but not seat in side hop.