i dont understand...

Why do some of you fellow unicyclists not want to see unicycling get bigger and bigger? The sport is catching on and its making a name for its self so theres no denying whats going to happen. Im just confused as to why you would’nt want to see this sport grow and turn into something huge?


I don’t know maybe it’s the fear that unicycling becomes “too” common sport. So it wouldn’t be so unique anymore, when even more and more people would know how to ride it! But I think the spreading is only a good thing, because unicycling is a really efficient way of keeping fit and so on. It has so many advances. Sense of balance develops and lounges and heart become stronger… Altogether it is a very good sport and definitely more people should know about it! :smiley: Oh yes, and in the meetings and while riding around you see a lot of new people and get to know them…

I know I don’t want the uni to go mainstream in fear of it ending up like skateboarding. Sure, there are some great skateboarders, but for every good one there are 5 posers. Some people have also given skateboarding a bad name. I just don’t want unicycling to end up that way.

Some people have given unicycling a bad name too. But since unicycling doesn’t even have a name, yet, it doesn’t have much effect. But any time you destroy public (or private) property with unicycles, and people know about it, it damages the reputation of the sport.

Part of not wanting it to grow is plain selfishness. People don’t want to share. Sharing would mean spreading the joy out to more and more people, to a point where the joy might get diluted.

Also unicycling would be less “special.” How can you impress people by unicycling if one in ten people can do it? But that works both ways. The more people that have learned to ride (or given it a serious try), the better they will appreciate good unicycling. So if you want to show off, the difference is that you’ll have to be good. I never seem to see good skateboarders out there. Most of them hardly land anything. But then again I’m not paying that much attention.

Yes, as the sport grows it will bring more diversity, more posers, more newbies, more mis-information and more “common-ness.” But at the same time it will bring more and better unicycles, that will probably be cheaper. Also there will be more opportunities for unicyclists to get together at festivals or other events where they can have the same fun a small number of us currently have at the big conventions, MUni Weekends and other scattered events we do.

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I don’t think we have to worry about unicycling getting bigger and bigger. IMHO it will not. Riding is too difficult to become a majority sport. It will only ever attract those willing to put in the time and effort.


I forgot to address this in my previous post. Unicycling already has gotten bigger and bigger. But it’s still small. It will continue to get bigger, but as far as being mainstream, like skateboarding or razor scooters, I’m not worried about that ever happening. It’s too hard to learn, so there will probably always be a limit on mainstream acceptance.

My other big sports are fencing and Morris dancing. In both cases, retention of new people is difficult because it takes a long time to learn. Most people can ride a bicycle, kick a football, or hit a tennis ball, but it takes weeks to make significant progress as a fencer, dancer or unicyclist and start to feel the rewards for all the hard work.

But if unicycling were to become mainstream, my experience with bicycling, scuba diving and kayaking is that prices go up. Good well designed basic equipment becomes hard to find, and overpriced over-designed fashionable equipment fills the shops.

God, yeah. The shops are flooded with over-designed fashionable Morris dancing equipment round here.:smiley:

Well that sounds like a good excuse to ignore my last post and go out and buy up the stock on unicycle.com a bit faster than I’m doing already.


Because of MUni, Trials and Street, this sport will continue to grow. Think about this, how many people know about MUni? One out of 50? (just a guess out of my bum) If that is the case, then only 1 out of 50 POTENTIAL MUNI RIDERS know about it.

…as the sport gets more visibility, the numbers of riders could explode. …but even if you multiplied the number of riders we have today by 50, we will still be a fringe sport.

Yeah, I’m selfish. I also do a lot of mountain biking, and as a result of its popularity, there are now more restrictions on trails than there used to be. The more common an activity becomes, the more necessary policies become to regulate the activity. (Ideally, people could act ethically on their own, but that’s another topic of discussion.) I love cycling, and I think everyone should. But I know that if everyone ditched their automobiles in favor of cycling, I’d have to go through all the red tape that goes with automobile ownership - licensing, registration, insurance, more traffic laws, etc.

probably already been said above me -but some people (like myself) like it jsut cuz its unique. everyone does it - it just becomes another thing.

I can get away with unicycling where skateboarders would immeadiately get kicked out, the more people ride the more this effect diminishes. Why woud I want it to get bigger? There’s big enough markets that some decent equipment is being produced, I enjoy riding and I have riding partners, why would I care beyond those facts? Alot more riders is only going to decrease the fun I have.

The answer is simple… the persons who dont want unicycling to get bigger are scared that if it does some new guy will just pop out and he’ll be better then them and he’ll take there place… there is seriously no good reason why you woudnt want unicycling to get bigger… unicycling getting bigger would mean unicycling teams,more sponsors,more videos and even getting payed to ride like skateboarders or bikers…

Yeah, that’ll be me then.


I wouldn’t worry about unicycling becoming too big. I quit a year and a half ago and I never even think about it or hear of it. I do agree that the number of people who are on this website has grown a lot though.

haha I dint mean to offend anyone…

Unicycling will never reach the level of skateboarding popularity, at least to the point of there being posers. The secret to preventing this lies mostly in the learning curve; when you compare learning to skateboard to learning to unicycle, it is much easier on a skateboard to learn basic maneuvaribility (e.g. riding in a straight line, turning, idling), while it can take anywhere from a couple hours to a couple weeks to finally be able to do anything on the unicycle besides falling off. The sport might get more noticed, I’m sure, but it will never have too many posers; people will try it once, decide it’s too hard, and move to something else.

I started working at a new bikeshop two months ago. I’ve taught 3 people to ride in that time. Two of them are ordering uni’s. One is getting a hand-me-down. 20 poeple work at this shop. 6 gave it a try. A real try. Half of that six stuck with it. Thats 15 %.:slight_smile:

i don’t think it will become mainstream like skateboarding people are to lazy to put that much effort tords something that unicycling takes some one can learn to rode a skateboard in two seconds anyone thats learns to ride a uni that quick is amazing