I don't understand UDC

Here in Germany, Municycle.com (UDC) sells KH, but Ajata also sells them and even Qu-Ax has a stock of KH parts and unicycles.
The problem is: if you want to sell KH, do you want to organise and pay the extra container of KH stuff from Taiwan directly to your shop? Or would you just call your local UDC and ask them to order one extra container for you which you will get from them then? I think every other reseller is quite happy about UDC organising all the supply chain from the factories in Taiwan to all resellers over the world.

KH And Quax

Kris Holm And Qu-ax Are cooperating on many things- Kg sold freeride saddle base to qu-ax And eventuálně designed the foam. And Qu-ax IS official distributor of KH’s in Europe (I asked Kris Holm And that’s what je answered me)

It’s kind of bindun, but you’re suggesting setting up a separate distribution channel which isn’t cost effective given the numbers involved. I’m sure shops could buy direct from KH if they wanted to organise the shipping themselves, but it doesn’t make business sense for them to do so (the extra profit UDC makes on a KH is profit on them providing the distribution service - it just so happens that they act as distributor and retailer, when in most markets such things are separated, which should tell you something about the unicycle market).

But then Quax operates at a different price point to KH - I was going to suggest competing directly with Nimbus, but actually I think undercutting Nimbus slightly whilst providing similar levels of quality. Hence it’s relatively easy for them to increase market share. Given KH pricing they sell only to real enthusiasts.

Ah, I was wondering that - AFAIK 25.4 is the standard size, it’s certainly by far the most common size. So just different to the size you have.

Not terribly different to the standard Nimbus trial, or an Impact Reagant. Though I note the latter seems to be marketed as “street/flatland” - which is probably closer to what I do with it, though I’m far from hardcore even at that - it’s just a multi-purpose small wheel, and as my only little wheel I didn’t want a round crown with nowhere to put a foot.

Well the shopkeeper who mentioned the current distribution setup (in 2014) did want to get KH stuff directly to their shop and didn’t like that they had to buy it through UDC, but it wasn’t an option so they chose not to sell it instead.

I am sure some resellers are happy with the arrangement, but the fact that hardly any shops sell it outside of UDC but they do sell other brands suggests that there may be many who are not.