i don't know which uni to get???

i’ve never ridden before but im probably going to end up riding street mostly around my property… spins, small jumps…

i want to spend as little as possible (this is my birthday present from my parents and they won’t buy one that expensive) but I don’t want to buy a crappy one and have it break, especially bc i am 170 lbs

i was looking at these:


http://www.firetoys.co.uk/juggling/trials_Unicycles.html (first few cheap ones)

http://www.seriousjuggling.com/unicycles.htm (cheaper ones)

http://www.unicycle.com/unicycles/freestyle/club-20-inch-freestyle-purple.html/ (i was told the hub would break if i jumped)

and what’s ISIS hub?

or how about the ones from



The forum you’ve posted in is for reviews of existing unicycles, not for asking questions.

Use the search feature here and in the more popular forum Rec.Sport.Unicycling and you will find dozens of threads for new unicyclists looking to buy.

People come here with the same questions as you every week, and we’ve answered those questions many times over.

since you want to do “small jumps and spin”, you should probably look to at a trials nimbus 20 or even 24 if your not gonna do a lot of spinning and want more speed.

This is not a forum for discussing which uni to buy, this is a forum for discussing reviews of unis, gear, etc that people have used.

Go to the main forum and ask your question or better yet, do a search :slight_smile:

I dont agree people should be able to ask for help on which uni they should buy here if thy wish :slight_smile:

Anyways id go with the 20 inch uni from firetoys cause they have nice unis for real cheap. Any one of those unis with a 2.5 tire will last you a longer than the other unis you linked.

ISIS hubs are basicly stronger hubs than squared tapered ones. But this has been discussed in previous threads and you can find them easily by searching them. or google it :sunglasses:

ISIS hubs have splines (like a star) and so have more area than a square taper, hence they are stronger.

I would say go for a Nimbus, they are very good unicycles on a budget. 20" wheel size would suit what you want to do, just don’t use it to commute.

Here’s a couple



Both fundamentally the same, different colour scheme.