I don't know what to buy

I have been unicycle for about a month now, i bought a juggle-bug unicycle for $40 on craigslist. So far i can ride pretty indefinitely, free mount and do other basic maneuvers ( turning, riding up/downhill and over bumps etc.) I’m thinking of getting a new uni soon, after i learn to ride backwards, but i don’t know what to buy. I plan on learning how to do tricks and live in a pretty flat area but there are a few skate parks and places to learn drops and hops and things of that nature. Being a flat area and me taking some longer rides I’m looking for a 24" uni and have been told that the torker LX 24" is a good choice but I just want to make sure i know what is out there

Try these guys for advise and a great selection of unicycles.

Torker LX may not be strong enough for jumps and tricks. It doesn’t have an Isis hub. If you want to stick with Torker, go with the DX.

If you don’t weigh more then 130# it’s strong enough for just about anything. I used to ride mine off picnic tables all the time and I never had anything break.

If I were you I would try to buy this torker lx pro which is ISIS.

If you have a little more to spend, a nimbus II would probably be your best bet but they are $250.

thanks guys i will defiantly be looking into it