I Don't know what cranks to get for Torker LX-24

My peddles keep falling off and coming loose and I’ve been told by some people that it is due to my cranks, so I’m wondering if anybody could recommend me some good unicycle cranks for my Torker LX-24

(specific details here ->)

All advice is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

If you’re in the US you can get replacement LX cranks from Niagara Cycle for about $20 shipped: http://www.niagaracycle.com/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=torker+lx+crank

Looks like you need Cotterless, or Square Taper cranks (same thing). You pick the length. They are measured between the center of each hole.

If your pedals won’t stay tight, make sure the cranks aren’t on the wrong sides. One pedal will thread normally (righty-tighty), make sure that one’s on the right as you pedal.

Big selection of crank arms here:

For a 24" wheel, 125mm is good for general riding, and the legal size for track racing. Shorter if you want to go faster, and maybe 140mm for riding offroad.

I guess they could be on the wrong way around but that would should be unlikely since I had it assembled from a bike shop.

Also is there a big difference in quality between cranks? I’m wondering whether I should spend a lot or not. I do a mix of tricks and general riding.

(I’m going to bed now because I live in Australia so I won’t be able to reply until another 8 hours but thanks in advance for all the help)

It’s really easy to check, the right crank should have pedal threads that are traditional and the left is reverse-threaded for the left pedal. In addition, there is usually an R and an L somewhere on the cranks. Unless the pedal threads are stripped, they shouldn’t becoming loose and the most likely issue is the cranks are on the wrong side… Well, I guess the seat could be facing the wrong direction. In that case, the crank spinning directions would be reversed and the pedal threads would be unscrewing when you ride forward. The other potential issue is if you are riding backward a lot.