i dont know about you but....

while i have no unicycle to ride ( waiting on my KH20 trials to get here) iv been playing UNIRACERS on my snes!!! hahaha!!!


but still cool i guess

uniracers is awesome.

Well… I have snow here and im not that great at riding in the snow so i made a uni out of LEGO:) . And am trying to save up my money so i can get a 20 inch Big Bubba!:smiley: !:smiley: !:smiley: U will find this uni at Municycle.com!

by the way… uniracers is a cool game did that motivate u to unicycle or did it come after?

the first time i played it i dont even think i would ever ride one in real life!!! hahaha since i started riding, i thought about the game and went on a quest for a snes, which by the way, is a very sought after machine! but i found a brand new uniracers game still in the box t a local video game shop!!! picked that shit up real fast befor i even had the snes!!! then i finally just went the ebay route and picked up a ol trusty super nintendo!!! along with some awesome child hood memories!!! killer instinct!! nba jam!!! zelda link to the past!! super punch out!! ah such amazing time consuming memories, next, im getting a top loader nes! kung fu! contra, ninja gaiden, punch out, the list never stops!!! hahah anyway yep thats my story! haha and its 4am and im going to bed!