i discoverd the gsport gland!

a while back i was playing with a grind/grab guard made from a cd on my trials unicycle to protect the hub flanges and spokes,

when i had the prototype on my uni i couldn’t resit the temptation to learn tp grind, which prety much destroyed the prototype

so i decided to buy a bmx grind guard from http://www.gsport.co.uk

it turns out that gsport george has a bit of a twisted sense of humor so his products have names like “nipple clamps” “bell ends” and the “Grinds Lovely Anti Nagging Device” or “gland” for short

i bought a gland to put on my “grab side”
and a bell end for my reeder handle

i’ve put some pictures up in the gallery

incidently the g-spot was first officialy “discovered” by a german bloke whose name began with the letter “G”. i bet his wife was happy!