I did the Nairn-Shire Challenge today

I competed in the Nairn-Shire Challenge today using my unicycle for the first time. It is a Duathlon with 13 miles of hill running followed by 18 miles of road cycling with a good few hills.

The encouragement from the crowd and other competitors was great, loads of cyclists encouraged me as I cycled along, and I got a really good reception from the crowd when I finished.

I normally finish the event using my bike in about 2 hours 50 min’s, and I took 4 hours 16 min’s today. I am really pleased with my time, I am not a fast unicyclist, but I felt good on my 29" Kris Holm with a 2.0" Big Apple.

When I finished the event, I put my unicycle in the car, it wasn’t too hot a day, but when I took the unicycle out of the car when I got home, the tyre was flat, I have just taken off the wheel, and there was a 1½ foot long split in the inner tube! Thank goodness it failed after the event and not during, it could of been the heat in the car, but the tube must have had a weak point to go like that I would think.

It was really good to get such positive feedback from people just for finishing on my Unicycle.


hope you had fun! i have hhd a tube split on me before, it was only like an inch long, but was somehow caused by my brother throwing it behind a tree! odd how the split would be 1 1/2 ft long though, it must have been quite weak.

Here is a photo from the finish:


I did a triathlon once and I was surprised at how encouraging everyone was to each other.