I did it!!!!

I have just lately started trying to go distance. I am going to definitely buy a 36 er. But today I went 13 miles!!! I know to some of oyu that is a warmup but for me it is an accomplishment. Up to today the farthest I went was 7.5. I have been trying to increase my distance. I did it on a 26" torker in 2hr 10 min. I am also well aware that I do not need to call guiness world book of records about land speed records but it was very cool. It also poured rain the last 6 miles. Family drove out to pick me up but I refused the ride. Goota say… I had a blast. I cannot wait to get the 36" and start some real training.


I am planning my first distance ride on my new Nimbus 36" tomorrow afternoon.


i am jealous! UDC is out of stock att and I am waiting for them to get the deluxe back in. How far are you planning to go?

Way to go, congrats!:smiley:

They are back in stock, just give a call or wait for the site to get updated this week.

Don’t we all. Me and Madison both have unique speed records. So there’s an idea on what you can do. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

But congrats regardless. :smiley:

What kind of unique speed records were you talking about?

It’s the Hazmat record. He went crazy faster than anyone else :stuck_out_tongue:

Im glad its possible,
im doin 13 miles on my 26er for charity we have raised about £100 so far but i still have too fleece a few people yet haha,

Well done keep it up.

Mine: 44.8km/h
Madison/Ducttape: 38 km/h

:smiley: Yes i did. :smiley:

  1. Good for you my friend and doing it for a worthy cause is always a good thing. :smiley:
  2. Thankin you. :smiley:

I’m not too sure, but I have a few hours spare today, so I will make good use of them.


That’s a good ride on a 26". I guess if you have a fairly standard set up, that would be on cranks around 150 mm or longer? If so, then it’s even more of an achievement because keeping the rhythm going on longish cranks and a “low gear” (small-ish wheel) takes determination, stamina and skill.

There will always be people ahead of you. I take my hat off to the people who have done 100 miles in a day, and amongst themselves, they give respect to the few who have done it in under 10 hours. Everyone bows before Aspenmike who does three mountain passes before breakfast (although sometimes he has a late breakfast).

However, by doing 13 miles on any unicycle, you are now in a small elite.

  • Most people would never try to ride a unicycle.
  • Most who try fail.
  • Most who succeed never ride more than a few metres.
  • Most who do never ride more than a few hundred metres.
  • Most who do never ride more than 5 - 10 km, if that.
  • 13 miles = 20.9 km.
  • Out of 6 000 000 000 people in the world, probably only 1 000 have done what you've done.

Be proud. :sunglasses:

Now, let’s see you crack the 15 miles…:wink:

But there’s always that perseverance in people who will accomplish these tasks that you say won’t. Like me and alot of my friends and people that i know who are determined to succeed in the world of unicycling. :smiley: :smiley: