i did it!!!!!!

i did it!!! i finally rode than 50 feet :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

one more question— the cranks hit my ankles does this happen to anybody else??? :thinking: :thinking:

oh yay. that always makes you happy, doesn’t it? For a few minutes, life is good :slight_smile:

Re: i did it!!!

Your feet are probably to close to the cranks. When your feet are on the pedals, you should be able to see a slight bit of pedal on the inside. Understand?

The first 50 feet is always the hardest. There’s nothing stopping you now! Congats.

Great, keep going

I have been on my uni for about 3 weeks with about 15hrs time. After another few hours you will probably be able to go 100-200ft!

Keep going, and you will get better

…and don’t forget to practice your free-mounts!

Free-mounts allow you to go wherever you want. You’ll thank yourself later.

yeh, uh freemounting

yeh one of the only times i tried freemounting to day i pitched forward and landed on my arm… it still hurts. But i can freemount like 15% of the time woohoo!!

thx guys

thx for all of your help guys

Re: i did it!!!

That is a common problem for people who are in the process of learning or who have just recently learned. Once you get better you’ll learn how to keep your ankles away from the cranks.

For now you can get some ankle protection. High top basketball shoes can work. Some soccer shin guards come with separate ankle guards. Unicycle.com sells the 661 Ankle Biters. A local bike shop in your area should also have the 661 Ankle Biters. Fox also makes a similar ankle guard.

da best thing to do is to use it as a learning experience. 2 or 3 times, and yer probably not gonna make the mistake again any time soon. but, if yer not tuff, just buy some soccer shinguards.

probably the easiest ‘fix’ is to make sure that your feet are ‘straight’ on the pedals (parrallel to the cranks) when u get on
this only counts in assisted mounts as, esp at first, u’ll take any footplacing u can get with a freemount
u will get better at this but if u’re likely to have lil’ marks on that anklebone for a long, long time

this should read: if you’re smart, buy some shinguards

sure, scars are cool, but riding the uni can be a pain-free experience with proper body armor. the new fox north shore leg pads are super-sweet… they’re wrap-around for 360 degrees of pedal-bite protection.

plus, with enough armor, you’d stand a way better chance in a mosh pit or a riot.

Be careful of the freemount and falling forward thing! I broke my am doing that and I should have been wearing wrist guards!

Buy a set of wrist guards and keep them on till you get the freemounting thing down. Or try a different kind of mount.

The static mount had me on my hands many times and it only took once to break a wrist!