I did it!!

I did it!..it hurt… but I DID IT!! … it still hurts… BUT I’M STILL SMILING!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I COASTED … more than 3½ meters.

The wheel shot out in front just before I reached a wall, so the saddle kicked upwards. That hurt.
I didn’t think I’d go that far. Until today I had only coasted a little over one meter, which is basicly just falling off slowly.

Coasting feels great. I’t must have been even greater learning it back when everyone thought it was imposible.

It’ll probably be hours before I get that kind of distance again, but now I know I can do it!


Great Job Borges. I have read about unicyclist who can coast down long hills, reaching very high speeds.

Not for me, both my feet have to be planted firmly on the peddles. Well, at least one foot has to be.

Can anyone on this forum freewheel (Coast) down hills, or anywhere for that matter?

Keep practicing Borges. --chirokid–

Great work Borges. I’ve never tried coasting, but gliding is one of my goals for the next few weeks (although I’d like a 20" freestyle uni to try it on rather than my muni). Just to put things in perspective here (because I have no idea how hard some of these things are), can you:

  • Glide as far as you want down a hill?
  • Wheel walk as far as you want?
  • 1-foot WW as far as you want?


Gliding vs Coasting?

What is the difference in Gliding and Coasting?

To answer Andrew’s questions, No, No and No!

I plan to start working on wheel walking, never tried it before. Tonight I tried to mount my uni by jumping to her, I ended up just standing there and looking at her. “How do I do that?” All I could see was this 40 year old kissing the asphalt, and kissing it hard. Maybe tomorrow? --chirokid–

No, No and No.

My wheel walk is getting pretty good, both regular and 1-foot. I can still get into trouble when turning. I’m just getting into gliding.

A couple of days ago I was practicing skills when it started to rain. The pedals and tire got too slippery, so I decided to try to do without them.


That’s good news for me. I can occasionally wheel walk for 50m or so and turn corners every now and then but I can’t 1 foot wheel walk at all and can only glide for about 2m at best down a hill.

How did you learn to coast? I just don’t know where I would start. I’ll give it a shot tomorrow. What’s the best surface and slope?

Thanks a lot,

well done!

that makes me feel crap coz i don’t evn no what coasting even is!:stuck_out_tongue:

I wouldn’t say i can coast yet. I’ve gone about 3 meters a two more times today, but mostly i fall off immediately.

Coasting means riding without your feet on the pedals or tyre.

I (try to) do it by riding 1-foot on flat even tarmac and when I feel it is going smoothly I put the other foot on the frame too.
After that I just try to stay on top for as long as I can. (unless I’m getting close to a wall. Lesson learned!)

I cant offer any oppinion on slope and surface since I have only tried in one place.

If any of the experts on the forum have any tips I’d like to hear them too.


I’ve never heard of coasting being learned that way. So do you have to put the seat down very far? You don’t have a digital camera do you? A photo would be very useful.


I don’t change anything on the uni, It’s just like regular one foot riding, except that both feet are on the fork.

I don’t have a digital camera, if I had the money for it I’d spend it on a 29’er, but there are some pictures and videos in this gallery
http://gallery.unicyclist.com/album15 The quality isn’t great, so you have to look closely.

Good luck

Re: I did it!!

On Tue, 1 Jul 2003 03:53:53 -0500, andrew_carter
<andrew_carter.pvram@timelimit.unicyclist.com> wrote:

>How did you learn to coast? I just don’t know where I would start.
>I’ll give it a shot tomorrow. What’s the best surface and slope?

Just this weekend I came across someone who can glide and coast,
usually just 5 or 10 m though before he falls off. He said all of the

"The progression to gliding is from wheel walk, to one-foot wheel
walk, to letting the one foot slip on the tyre for a short while in
between push strokes, then making those slip phases longer.
Conversely, getting to coasting he does from one-foot riding.

A difference is that wheel walking is done with an upright posture,
while during coasting the upper body leans forward in order to be able
to make corrections.

The best riding surface for gliding is down a gentle hill. For
coasting it should be as smooth as possible, a very gentle downhill
may help but a gym floor is fine."

All this brought to you by someone who can’t even 2-foot wheelwalk!

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Oop I forgot

The video titled “trying :)” is good. It should come with a DONT TRY THIS AT HOME warning. I’d wanna be in some SERIOUS armor if I tried that.


Silly me…

I just re-read your post and realised you weren’t talking about riding along with one foot on the crown and one on the road. :slight_smile:


A friend of mine wanted to learn it a few years ago. He was told that he’d need to learn wheel walking, one footed wheel walking and gliding first. He’d only just learnt one footed so wasn’t keen on that method. In the end he just went for it.

He’d ride one footed, build up some speed then lift the riding foot. He tried it a lot and fell off a lot. It only took a few weeks until he looked in control and could ride the length of a sports hall, though. Not bad :slight_smile:

Andrew, your misreading created a new skill to try. Footplant on the road, yeah!

Klaas Bil