i did it

thx for who ever keeps on helping me with my little problems on this web site!!( the guy with th green monkey head avatar)

i only hve 1 picture in there but there will be more soon!!!


jus-10, peace out :sunglasses:


Dude, no offense, but you need to think of better topics for your threads. Honestly, i saw the topic of this thread and i was almos 100% sure it was yours. Please try to think of less vague topics in the future.

or post in “just conversation”.

or post in “Spam”.


Cool beans, J-10. The free public galleries are way cool. Get that video up, ASAP!

Ya, some honny title would work well- something like: Kozy Up to a Killer Descent- Picture Attached!

That one was tasty -send more!


I agree – more please! You’re doing great, Jus-10!


Thats a pretty big hill right guys ?


jus-10, peace out

Wat to go Justin!

Keep up the learning and working on your skills. One day soon you’ll look back at his photo and say, “That was SO easy!”


He did it

Now that everybody’s cozying-up to Jus-10 again, and he’s the boy-wonder of the hour, here’s a new obstacle for him to tackle:

A sincere public apology to Klaas Bil.

That’s a Level 1 social skill, by the way.

Wow, I wish I was that good! carjug.