i did it

i appologize in advance for spelling and grammar. it is 5am :wink:

after a marathon scripting session of 100 minutes, i finally got the
“dynamic-image-map-creation-from-PNG-file-and-database” working. i dont
think w3 could have been any more vague when it set out the specs for the
image map type ‘rect’ : a,b,c,d is x-left, y-top, x-right, y-bottom. and
its all relative from 0,0 - being the top left of the image. reminds me of
applesoft basic shudder


its up and working, but i’m too ashamed to show off the site becuase its
incredibly basic and the color “scheme” – if you could call it that –
sucks ass. which reminds me: how the heck do you pick colors that go
together? :??:

with that, there’s only one major function to implement: how to add and
remove pages without using FTP. aahhhh that reminds me of somethign else
to add to the list.

sleep time :slight_smile:


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