I Did It!

Hi there, I have sorta been kinda silent on this mailing list just cuz I really
wasn’t good at riding my uni. I promised myself that as soon as school was done
I was going to learn to ride my uni. Well the snow has finally melted from my
driveway (just kidding) so I started going hard at learning. Well today I had
consistent runs at going to the end of my 45 metre driveway. I was so happy I
almost peed myself. I haven’t had the same feeling since I first learned to ride
my bike w/o training wheels (I think I was 4). Thanks for all the great teaching
advice, and inspiration that I found on this very friendly list. For my next
trick er… skill I plan on riding to the end of my driveway and turning around
and coming all the back. I’ll try to keep you updated on my progress. Unicycle
hockey here I come.

C.Ya Seth Wilson u9311345@muss.mcmaster.ca

‘When a class at a clown college graduates who do they pick as class clown?’