I Did It! I Bought It!

I’m 50, chubby, mostly sedentary, and I just bought a Nimbus 26" Muni! I used to ride when I was a kid. We rode everywhere, played basketball, football, tag, and hockey on our unis as well as using them for transportation. I used to run but I can’t anymore and I kept thinking that unicycling might do it and I really missed it but I thought I was too old. Once I looked here and on YouTube, I took the plunge! Is it here yet??

Good to hear ur getting back into uni’s.
And hope I can do all that eventually

Good luck to you!

You’re going to love it! Glad to hear. Post pics when you get it.

I did the same thing a few months ago. You’ll be surprised how well you ride after not riding for so many years. Make sure you have at least a helmet and wrist guards to be safe. Mine have saved me from quite a few scrapes. Have fun!

Welcome back! If you “can’t” run any more due to knee problems or other injuries, remember to be nice to those areas as you get re-acquainted with the unicycle. Being able to keep working at it without having to take breaks to heal will be much more satisfying. Progress may be slow, but unicycles aren’t about being fast.

Back in your unicycle football and tag days, were you part of an organized group? I remember a group of people somewhere that used to post about playing football on unicycles, and Texas seems like a likely place for such an activity. Can you tell more about those days?

As to whether it’s here yet, I can assure you that nothing’s arrived at my house, so hopefully it’s coming to your place. :smiley:

Well - it was before there was internet{I"m 50}to post about it and it was in Albuquerque, NM - at some point when I was 11 or 12 one of us kids in our group got a unicycle for Christmas and by the following summer 9 of us on the street had them - we did nothing but ride - day in and day out -so at some point we just decided to play different sports on them - there were enough of us usually and we added a few people by fall and it just took off - we played basketball, football, hockey, frisbee, we boxed, we raced, we juggled, we played tennis - we even jousted with broomsticks tipped with boxing gloves - no safety gear, no helmets, no wrist braces…we were riding off road in the arroyos and in the desert dunes west of town once someone could drive and could use a parents car - it was a blast - we taught our girlfirends/boyfriends to ride, one guy’s dad learned to ride at one point…good times

Very cool! Do you have any pictures from those days? It would be great to see some scans, especially of the group games and offroad riding. You guys were doing Muni before I was, which means before almost any of us!

Gather around young one (meaning time in the sport),
Its time to lesiten to the wisdom :slight_smile: JK
Pics would be Kool or story’s

Cool! Have fun with it!

I’m almost 43 and decided to learn a unicycle about 16 months ago. Since then I’m really addicted and ride about 5 hours a week. I’m feeling 18 again and really enjoy the rides in the city. The most fascinating is the weekly progress: I never thought I would ever jump on stairs, park benches and fountain borders :wink: And now I’m loving it and enjoy people’s reactions.

The image of that game in my mind is… beautiful… I think the world would pay good money to see that! :smiley:

If you’re still in touch with any of your childhood uni friends, that’d make an awesome reunion!

your never to old. I use to ride than I started again a year ago, I have a Kris Holm 26 mt uni, I love being in the woods.

Its here! It’s here! Hahahahahahahaha:)


let the madness begin ;D

Right on mmorton! I’ve been learning from scratch but in the same age bracket. I really envy the history you have – I bet it’ll be a blast to re-learn. Pics!