I DID IT! 50 meters, 150 ft, without a UPD!


that was earlier today. . . after that post I went downstairs and kept at it for one and a half hours. . . leaving from a wall on our garage and riding out into the parking lot.

I got my first comment from a non-rider - “hey now, stop making the rest of us look bad for needing two wheels” . . . to which i replied “I can barely go twenty feet without falling. . . thats hardly making you look bad :-)” to which he replied “at least you’re trying. . . keep it up!”

so i did.

I went 150 feet… outside the garage, over a speed bump, into the parking lot, and around the corner of our building.

The biggest thing I learned was: let the unicycle swerve left and right like mad. I had been trying to keep it in a straight line, but as soon as i started letting the wheel veer left and right I improved tenfold. I can now consistantly mount and go at least twenty feet! I completely soaked every article of clothing i had on… I have been stopping when the sweat line reaches the bottom of my shirt, but today I was having so much fun I didnt even notice how wet i was until i got upstairs and my clothes weighed ten pounds, lol.

Oh man, I’m pumped… this is AWESOME!!! thank you, unicyclist.com!!!

Heh, good job man! =D

now you will probably be able to ride as far as you want!

“That’s one more of us and one less of them.”

Dood!!! :sunglasses:

Congrats! I learned in a skatepark and only went down through half a very flat ramp. I almost did the bleachers, but I couldn’t free mount, hop, crank grab(hadn’t heard of it, still can’t) or anything. Now that I can hop…

What’s a UPD anyways?

:smiley: HAHAHAA this is great! I cant quite go as far as i want, the 150 foot one was a crowning achievement and i can only go maybe 50 feet with any consistancy, but all my rides are now at least 20 feet! I need a rest cuz I am soo oworn out but i cant wait til tommorrowwhen I hope to go around our whole buiding (about 1000 feet circumference, its a ‘X’ shaped building) wihtout a UPD… wish me luck! wow… I’m so excited! this is the coolest thing I’ve done for at least a year… thanks for all your guys’ help and support!

yeah, once you get past like 20’ then you’re pretty much golden. and don’t worry about the swervy thing. after a little more practice it’ll work itself out. great job!

Congratulations. You are a rider.

UnPlanned Dismount!!! yaay, i knew the answer!!! hehehe I must be pro :wink:

I get tons of UPD’s, then! Thanks!