I did a suicide mount (proper one, unistyclestyle)

Look at my mount. Enjoy. Feel free to comment on the ways it could have ended badly.

now that was COOL !!! :astonished:

Umm, that was hectic dude!

Wow!! that was some of the sickest I ever have seen!! Veary cool!! :sunglasses:

dang, now THAT is a sweet mount :slight_smile:

How do you practice for a suicide mount? Do you just have to go for it and hope you don’t hurt yourself?

That was cool … Taylor Wright -Sanson and the French flatlander Emmanuel (Manu) are doing those on Circus Smirkus http://www.smirkus.org leapfrogging over the backs of others. Fun stuff.
Yours was impressive. Way to go!

That’s awesome! Takes a lot of balls to do that! :slight_smile:

…you didn’t do it completely freehand, so it’s really just a jump mount, but still…


The suicide mount was actually one of the first mounts I learned, and I have done it running with a friend holding onto the seat until the last second, but I have never tried it jumping over a bench!

The way you run up to the bench looks like the way I prepare to do a jump mount on the BC wheel.

I love you Joe

AWESOMEE! i wanna try it now! lol


Wow! This is awsome, to bad i’m alone here, I would’ve tried. Not over a bench but I would’ve tryed just to jump on. I did that from a 16" unicycle up to a 20" unicycle. I had the 20" in my hand and I was sitting on the 16".

Wow simply put amazing.

Wow, that was really cool

basically you say hey hold this while i jump on. unless you wanna balance it. i hadnt really tried it before i jumped the bench spur of the moment thing scared me a bit really.


like a gorilla

thanks everyone

and chris I… like? you too. but i wouldnt have sex with you. unless the opportunity arose in which case i’d probably try the better looking slighty more female version…

I though I was ur only lover :frowning: its what u told me! asssholeeee

edit: nice suicide mount, u could have die by smashing ur head on the bench! :open_mouth: XD

True about the bench lol. That would have been funny.

That was very cool

ways it could’ve gone bad:

  • couldve been hit by a car while standing on the road
  • couldve clipped ur feet on the bench and done a suicide mount with ur face
  • worst case scenario: couldve hit a shin on a pedal :astonished:

very brave man, very brave