I Demand A Universe 2 Trailer



I’ve scene a few clips. Still short of a trailer. You make the signs. I’ll find people to picket with us.


I’ll be there to picket… mmmmm… picket

-Jonathan Ware

I’ll represent the Hawaii chapter of the We Want a UNIVERSE 2 Trailer Coalition.


We Know Who You Are

Dan & Others… You know who we are and we expect great things from Universe2. The BHS video crew is watching you.

So how much are you guys willing to pay for the final video? :smiley:

I’ll pay as much as I need to to learn what the masters have to teach man!!

up to 25 dollars me thinkest


i too cant wait for a trailor! dan has sent me some clips and it is looking rather amazing! theres stuff hes doing ive never seen before and hes telling me about stuff that im almost positive is impossible but he says hes almost got it. so just give him time to finish the trailor cause right now hes out there bustin his a$$ trying to get soem crazy footage. let him work at his own pace and you wont be dissappointed. see ya, Kevin

all i want is an easter egg to be put in there somwhere hard to find.

the egg could be deleted scenes or some sort of wild out take.

its gotta have an egg!