I Decided To Enter "South Africa's Got Talent".

As some of you, who haven’t been off-planet for the past year or so might know, I (relatively) recently managed to complete a challenge I’d set myself quite some time before, namely to


And that’s where it was going to stay, as a moderately entertaining parlour trick I’d bring out occasionally to entertain and irritate long-suffering friends.

Until Monday, when an email reached me via the juggling/unicycling grapevine in this country, saying that the organisers of SA’s GOT TALENT were overrun by dancers and singers and they were rather keen on adding some variety to the show.

As I explained to the organiser in my return email, I’m under no misconception of the limited entertainment value of pipes-on-uni, but as far as adding variety goes, I think it rocks.

I linked him to the same YouTube clip and he responded to my email within 10 minutes to ask for my phone number so he could give me a call and get my details.

They’ll be in touch to arrange the audition.

I may have to go practise now.

Hot damn!

Good on yer. You’ll be the third person I know to go on Somewhereoranother’s Got Talent.

Bon Chance!

The judges are going to make fun of you.

If you’d like to be considered rather than laughed at, you need an act. I know, turning that into an act may not be very workable, at least not in the one minute or so you probably get. In a street show you could do a huge buildup all through a longer show to create interest. In this case, if you could do something like walking out while already playing, and then do a kick-up onto the unicycle that would be something. Or think of it as a combo trick and try to add more stuff. Or at least ride in a circle, anything but just plain idling (the audience doesn’t know the idle is harder than riding).

If you’re going to stick with the basic trick shown above, I recommend as much costume as possible. Either a full-on kilt and everything to go with, or a speedo, or a gorilla costume. :smiley:

Or a little comedy, such as “Believe it or not, this is how I paid my way through college.”

Have fun with it!

In the opinion of most here, you’re already a winner. As John pointed out, the judges will laugh at you. If so, you’ve gotten their attention and won already. Good luck, my friend. Just don’t add smoking while unicycling to your act.

I say GO FOR IT! Watch this for inspiration!

Dave, that’s great!
I can’t wait to hear all about it!

Good luck with aquiring and performing your gig Gild.

Find out who put your name forward and mete out justice.

wow lol.


Great talent! and Good luck!


Now that’s the video I’ve been waiting for… Nice!

You know why you’re doing it, and that’s the important thing. Just give it your best, whether that’s a more practiced version of what you’re doing now, or something more Fossian.

And when the judges make fun of you, remember these two things: 1) none of them can do what you just did, and 2) you’ve already been made fun of by better than their ilk. Spit in their eye…

Not recommended. Sadly, I’ve watched quite a few of these shows (the American versions). Talking back to, or trying to one-up the judges almost always makes the performer look more foolish. Remember, you came to them, not the other way around. If they don’t like your act, it (usually) means you brought the wrong thing to their show and you should have had a better idea of what they were looking for.

Although, the criterion for winning the UK show is “easier” than the American one. For the American version you’re supposed to have enough material to do an hour in Las Vegas. For the UK show, you just need one act and that leaves the door open for all sorts of quirky variety acts, many of which have no hope of filling an hour.

Like that poetry guy. That was a very cute poem, but it leaves me wondering how much of him is a put-on. Is that his real voice? Are those his real teeth? He could (in later rounds) do an Andy Kauffman type of performance where he transforms into a studly guy with a deep voice and really get a great audience response!

But back to #1 above. Telling Piers that he can’t play the bagpipes on a unicycle will illicit the obvious response that he would rather die than ever be seen doing it. :slight_smile: Note the poetry guy did have an act, and you can too, even if it’s based around one silly trick.

You put a smile on my face. A much needed smile as its been raining here for a week straight!

It’s so sad that the audience probably will not know how difficult that is to do while ideling. While I was practicing ideling, a guy actually gave me advice on how to make the uni go forward. I was so dumbfounded I immediately fell off.

Not like I’m dredging today, or anything.

First of all, my apologies, I thought I updated this thread with (non) developments at the time.
They weren’t going to do auditions in my part of the country and to get to the closest auditions would mean a 4 hour drive there (and back), and would have to be done at some stupid time of the morning to get there to get into the queue.
The dates for the auditions also clashed with some prior commitments I had here, so because of that, and considering the fact that I remains fairly sure that I’m unlikely to progress, let alone win this thing, this was just going to be too much of a song-and-dance just for a “for the hell of it” kinda thing.

I get a phone call from the producers today. “We believe you play the bagpipes while riding a unicycle…”

Long story short, they’re going to get me a gap to pre-register and then come in for the audition without having to wait in the queue.

I’m hoping the dates are going to be do-able.

I’ll keep you updated.

WOW GILD :astonished:

4 years later…
Way to Go ! :slight_smile:

If I had a penny for every time someone has come up to me and asked if I had seen the guy on ‘you tube’ unicyling and playing the bagpipes…

Go Gild!! And good for you for not waiting in the queue! Unicyclists deserve special treatment! Let them know what drinks and food you want in your dressing room, too!

PS: Alucard: Do they still have pennies in the UK? What can you buy with a penny? Do they have penny candy like they used to have in the USA?

Something like riding w/ one foot or WWing, esp while playing I think would be good.

Time to learn to play the pipes?

I’m inspired to start practicing again…

Aye Billy, we still have pennies over here. Though there is not much you can get with them any more. Even ‘a penny for your thoughts’ has gone up to tuppence :slight_smile: